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French Wine For Dummies Ed McCarthy, Mary Ewing-Mulligan on shipping on qualifying offers. “Whether you are an avid collector or wine novice, this book offers an extensive resource in an accessible format.” —Charlie Trotter. Oct 29, 2015  Wine All-In-One For Dummies provides comprehensive information about the basics of wine in one easy-to-understand volume. Combining the bestselling Wine For Dummies with our regional and specific wine titles, this book gives you the guidance you need to understand, purchase, drink and enjoy wine.

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Wine enthusiasts and novices, raise your glasses! The #1 wine book has been extensively updated! If you're a connoisseur, Wine For Dummies, Fourth Edition will get you up to speed on what's in and show you how to take your hobby to the next level. If you're new to the world of wine, it will clue you in on what you've been missing and show you how to get started. It begins..more
Published October 1st 2006 by Wiley (first published 1995)
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Jan 16, 2018Penelope Douglas rated it it was amazing
A good comprehensive guide, liked the humor, and the narrator was easy to listen to. Learned that there actually is a reason to sniff, swirl, and let wines breathe. If not for this guide, I would've dumped out a whole bottle Precipice Pinot Noir after the first sip. It tasted so much better after an hour of letting it breathe. Also learned a lot about champagne that I didn't know, like how 'sparkling wine' IS champagne that's not produced in Champagne, France. I thought they were different. Mind..more
Overall this is a good book, worthy of a four star review. The reason for my two star review is because of Chapter 7, Confronting a Restaurant Wine List. This is the one chapter that obviously is written by people who don't have experience in the area they are talking about and didn't bother to consult with people who do before making some bold assumptions. This chapter is full of misinformation, negative assumptions, and directions on how to conduct yourself in a restaurant that if followed, ma..more
[Book rec. from R. Sterling in 'How to Eat around the world']
Jul 20, 2013Rachel rated it it was amazing · review of another edition
Wine for Dummies is a great book for both the experienced and novice wine drinker. The Introduction goes through how the book is organized and which parts of the book should be read, depending on what the reader is interested in. Pretty much every aspect of wine is covered -grape varieties, how wine is made and regulated in various countries, how to read a wine label or restaurant wine list, and much more. The really technical information is labeled as such and can easily be skipped.
I liked that
'I only drink Champagne when I'm happy, and when I'm sad. Sometimes I drink it when I'm alone. When I have company I consider it obligatory. I trifle with it if I am not hungry and drink it when I am. Otherwise I never touch it - unless I'm thirsty.' - Madame Lily Bollinger
Jan 28, 2017Lisa rated it really liked it
Packed with good information. Will make a better as need-to-know resource rather than sit down and read cover to cover.
Feb 16, 2013Steven Peterson rated it really liked it · review of another edition
The 'For Dummies' series has been an intriguing enterprise. The use of the term 'Dummies' could be considered offputting--yet the series has obviously done well, as more and more volumes are developed. I have found many of the books useful to me. And this is another in that group.
I know enough about wine to get by. This volume, though, adds a context to my knowledge of wine that I appreciate. The purpose is presented at the outset (Page 1): 'We want you and everyone else to enjoy wine. . .--rega
This is a brief introduction to wine for people who normally drink beer, from what glass to use to how to describe flavors this book will help you fake knowledge about wine. Made for the American market for American wine drinkers with only a nod to the most famous European wines, the focus is on Californian wines and Oregon (Really, Oregon? I had no idea they made wine in Oregon). This book will appeal to anyone looking to appear knowledgeable about wine.
We listened to the book while driving fro
Dec 01, 2016Alexis rated it liked it
This is a great primer for anyone who wants to learn more about wines and wine terminology. I learned some interesting things and this book explains things clearly and succinctly.
The one thing I realized while reading this is that I actually don't care that much. There are other things in the world that are much more interesting to me.
Sep 27, 2015MÉYO rated it liked it
I read this fascinating book during my wine drinking phase.
Jun 09, 2019Alan added it · review of another edition
Are you up to date on today's wine scene?Wine For Dummies, 6th Edition reveals what's in, what's out, and what's new in wine. With new and revised content, this edition of the popular Wine For Dummies text takes you on a tour of emerging and old world wine regions, showcasing the varieties and styles you need to know to stay up to date on today's wine scene. In addition to highlighting wines themselves, this approachable resource offers insight into wine shops, supermarket wine selections, wine..more
Jun 09, 2019Alan added it · review of another edition

Wine enthusiasts: raise a glass!

The United States is the largest retail wine market in the world and one of the fastest-growing markets in terms of both consumption and production. The market has expanded rapidly in the past few years due to increased consumption, new wine styles, online wine purchasing, and a growing younger population of wine enthusiasts.

In Wine For Dummies, the authors—both recognized wine authorities and accredited Certified Wine Educators—share their expertise, revealin

My dad got this book for me as a joke because he knows how much I love my wine. lol I actually ended up reading it and glad I did. I have an even greater appreciation for wine.. there is so much to know! It is really easy to read, and I especially liked learning about the different types of wine made all over the world. There is something in here for every level, whether you're a novice or a connoisseur.
As a wine producer it is important for me not only to know about the type of wines I produce, but also to have knowledge about other wine making regions.
This book delivers great content; easy to read, sometimes funny, and like the title suggest, for dummies.
If you are slightly interested in knowing about regions and some other curiosities about winemaking, this is a good read.
Jun 01, 2019Simon Mirkovic rated it really liked it
Although I'm not that much into wine, being it the theory of it or simply drinking it; I enjoyed reading this book and I actually remembered quite a number of facts so my friends now turn to me and ask what wine to buy.
Oct 25, 2018Denise rated it really liked it · review of another edition
I read this when I started to get serious about wines and it was great. Easy to read, interesting, and very enjoyable. My favorite thing was learning all the correct pronunciations.. nobody wants to be that person at a fancy wine gathering!
There aren’t many audiobooks about wine available at my library, but I still felt like a learned a few things about wine through this book. A good starting place so I can start looking for more specific books.
Dec 12, 2017Joseph Frazier rated it it was amazing
Easy read, entertaining and great for a new wine drinker who wishes to learn about all type's of wine.
Dec 16, 2017Adrian rated it really liked it
Everything I expected in a primer. Just in time to get my snob on at the holiday parties.
Clear cut wine insight & practical advise.
I really like this book. I would say most people don’t know the information in this book and could benefit from reading it. The title is kind of misleading but I found it very interesting.
Jan 01, 2019Shawn P rated it really liked it
Finally finished this multi-month reading project! Probably my most ambitious self-learning initiative since my business Chinese courses. Now I can tell 'body' from 'finish'..
Good! I learned some new things and it was really easy reading!
You generally know what you are getting with the 'Dummies' series. No fancy illustrations or photographs (though a whole slew of icons 7 icons with various meanings: Real Deal, Remember, Worth the Search, Snob Alert, etc. I have always found these books well written by experts and unpretentious. While I may not like the look of the generic yellow covers, I appreciate the fact that the bland appearance and lack of high production values of these books keeps the price down. When I I've looked to b..more
Jun 04, 2016Elizabeth rated it really liked it · review of another edition
This is a good basic overview of wine and wine purchasing. The book focuses mostly on what labels tell you, myths of wine, and the vocabulary behind the subject.
Critics of the book have pointed out that the authors spend a lot of time focused on the main wine producing areas of the world (France, Italy, California, etc.) and don't get into the smaller production areas. I think that makes sense in a book like this. There is plenty of information for getting you started on decoding variety of grap
The title of this book might scare you off and that would be a shame. Wine for Dummies is a very informative book, full of great knowledge for newbies and reference information that any wine lover might need to call on. I read the newest edition, which had been updated with extremely current details - always important with this kind of book. I used it as a study guide during my wine course and felt it was a great tool for that. I'm sure I'll be picking this up again when I need a refresher on a..more
Mar 03, 2009Tina Hayes rated it it was amazing
'Wine for Dummies' is a great book for anyone who drinks the fruit of the vine. Experts and newbies alike will learn from this fun, informative book by Ed McCarthy and Mary Ewing-Mulligan. Varietals are explained, the top wines of each region around the globe are pointed out, there is a pronounciation guide so we can figure out how to pronounce Pouilly-Fuisse, along with tips on which corkscrews work best. Whether you're looking to find the correct temperature for serving Shiraz or you want to k..more
Apr 21, 2013Fredrick Danysh rated it it was ok
While the authors have wine backgrounds and give some nice backgrounds, the give off the aura of wine snobs. Most of the wines discussed are from Europe, California, or New York giving the impression that these are the two states are the only quality wine producers. There are over a hundred wineries in Texas alone which produce some excellent vintages. Also Duplin County winery in North Carolina and Nissey Winery iin Pennsylvania produce wines better than most of California or New York.
Considering how vast the world of wine is, this book is a great place to start. There is loads of practical information presented in an approachable format along with plenty of good advice. I feel way more educated on the topic of wine and found the book full of fascinating content. I can now more confidently select and serve wine and have more fun doing it. In the word's of Major Payne, 'Who's the dummy now?'
Oct 06, 2015Kara rated it it was amazing

A nicely plain approach to wine, with none of the pompousness that scares so many people off, myself included. The author keeps for a main theme: if the wine tastes good to you, drink it, if not, don’t. The rest is really just extras that gives you something to talk about at fancy parties.
A wonderfully irrelevant introduction to the surprisingly not overwhelming world of wine.
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Selecting a wine you like is easy when you can correctly pronounce wine names, use appropriate terms to describe wine, decode wine names, and approach the selecting process with confidence.

Quick Guide to Wine Pronunciation

Correctly pronouncing wine names is one way to keep from irritating a wine snob; the following table can help you out. The stressed syllable in each word is italicized; if no syllable is italicized, all syllables carry equal weight.

Cabernet Sauvignoncab-er-nay saw-vee-nyon
Montepulciano d’Abruzzomon-tae-pul-chee-ah-noh dah-brute-zoh
Pinot Grigiopee-noh gree-joe
Pinot Noirpee-noh nwahr
Willamette Valleywil-lam-et

Useful Terms for Describing Wine

When describing wine, wine merchants, restaurant servers, and your oenophile friends will use specific language to tell you about its characteristics. Knowing these words will help you understand the wine they’re describing:

  • Aroma or bouquet: The smell of a wine — bouquet applies particularly to the aroma of older wines

  • Body: The apparent weight of a wine in your mouth (light, medium, or full)

  • Crisp: A wine with refreshing acidity

  • Dry: Not sweet

  • Finish: The impression a wine leaves as you swallow it

  • Flavor intensity: How strong or weak a wine’s flavors are

  • Fruity: A wine whose aromas and flavors suggest fruit; doesn’t imply sweetness

  • Oaky: A wine that has oak flavors (smoky, toasty)

  • Soft: A wine that has a smooth rather than crisp mouthfeel

  • Tannic: A red wine that is firm and leaves the mouth feeling dry

Wine For Dummies Online Free

Easy Wine Identifier

Wine For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Most wines you find in shops and restaurants are named in two basic ways: for the variety of the grape or for the place the grapes are grown. This instant guide decodes common wine names and tells you the wine’s color.

Wine NameGrape or PlaceWine Color
BordeauxPlace/FranceRed or white
Burgundy (Bourgogne)Place/FranceRed or white
Cabernet SauvignonGrapeRed
ChampagnePlace/FranceWhite or rosé
Côtes du RhônePlace/FranceRed or white
Pinot Grigio/Pinot GrisGrapeWhite
Pinot NoirGrapeRed
Port (Porto)Place/PortugalRed (fortified)
Rhine (Rheingau, Rheinhessen)Place/GermanyWhite
RiojaPlace/SpainRed or white
SauternesPlace/FranceWhite (dessert)
Sauvignon BlancGrapeWhite
SherryPlace/SpainWhite (fortified)
ZinfandelGrapeRed or pink

Buying Wine with Confidence


Don’t get frazzled when you’re shopping for wine. Browsing and buying wine should be a fun, positive experience. Remember these helpful hints when you hit the wine shop:

  • No one in the world knows everything about wine.

  • Smart people aren’t afraid to ask “dumb” questions.

  • The purpose of wine is to be enjoyed.

  • Expensive doesn’t necessarily mean I’ll enjoy it more.

  • I am my own best judge of wine quality.

  • Most wines are good wines.

  • Experimentation is fun.

  • Advice is free for the asking.

  • Every bottle of wine is a live performance.

  • I’ll never know . . . until I try it!

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