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I recently upgraded from a Cisco DPC3825 Docsis 3 Gateway to a HitronTechnologies CGN2 Docsis 3 Gateway. The wireless on the Cisco was working perfectly. Now the Hitron is working fine (I have a Nintendo Wii, a tablet, and a smartphone all connected and accessing the Internet) but Vista cannot access the Internet even though it will connect to the router fine. I just get “Identifying…” and “Unidentified network” alternating, and it stays at Local Only.

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Close any open windows by clicking OK; Once all windows are closed you will be prompted to restart your computer; Once restarted, your changes should take effect; If not, go back to Local Area Connection, right-click and select Enable; Your Windows Vista Internet Connection settings are setup correctly to work with Zoom Internet. Select the network you want to connect to. If you are using the default wireless settings, the network you want is the same as the SSID listed on the bottom of the modem. Find the SSID on your modem. Feb 16, 2019  You may need to select certificate or enter a user name and password to connect to this netork Enter/select additional log on information Connect to different network' When I click on 'Enter/select additional log on information' It tells me to enter a user name, password, and Login Domain. Help How to Setup Broadband DSL Internet Connection in Windows Vista for a Single PC Recently, my friend John ask for help in setting up his DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) connection. Usually, these procedures can be seen in the manuals given by the Telecom company. And, when I run the 'diagnost connection problems' on the browser window, it comes back saying 'WIndows did not find any problems with this computer's network connection.' I click 'send information' and not sure what happens because I get a window that says 'windows had queued the report for submission to Microsoft' with a close button.

So far I’ve tried restarting the router, my laptop, and the wireless adapter multiple times, reinstalling the wireless drivers, connecting to the router manually and through the wizard, setting up the network through Vista’s wizard, renewing my IP addresses, and resetting the TCP/IP. I have no idea where to begin next so any help will be greatly appreciated.

Windows Vista can't connect to internet. My guess would be that the vista machine is running a PPP session that is conflicting with the PPP session on the modem. The XP machine is probably just connecting through your existing gateway. My guess would be that you have your username and password in a broadband network wizard that you ran. I hope that helps. Windows Vista not connecting to internet by needinghelp March 18, 2007 4:09 PM PDT. I just purchased a new Sony Vaio laptop a couple of days ago.Its running the Windows Vista Home Premium.



  1. Normally on Windows Vista and 7, when you connect to a network for the very first time it needs to know what type of network it is, these type are home network, work network, or public network. If it pops up a window prompting for what type of network you are connecting to, select home network.

  2. I went through this menace during last two days couldnt find anything absolutely anything on internet to solve this problem for me. I called my internet service company helpline, the guy told me to connect the laptop through ethernet cable and allow him to take control, he thereafter just changed the name of network to one with less alphabets, password or phrase to a short pin of numeric ones, wpa-personal to wep and everything started working :)

  3. incompatibility of the wireless network with your adapter.
    Change the network key type from the configuration panel of your router

  4. Did your new router come with a CD? Try installing that on your PC and try connecting again, sometimes that works.

  5. Did u use the same SSID for the new router, as it was in the old one?
    if so, there might be an issue in connection. Go for a new SSID.
    You also mentioned 'connecting to the router manually' how? Did u use an ethernet cable or still wireless?
    Also try deleting the existing network connection, and try configuring a new one.

  6. start >> run >> type in 'cmd' >> rt click on cmd.exe >> run as administrator
    then type in the following command:
    'netsh int ip reset reset.txt'
    press enter, then restart your computer while the wireless router is on, and you should be good to go, else, check the DHCP settings on your router's configuration page, and set DHCP to on. mobile / tablet and other devices generally store the ip received from a modem, while windows might refresh its ip pool at every boot.

  7. Are you able to connect to internet in Windows Safe Mode with Networking.

    check if the wireless network name is the same when it was on the previous router, if yes then change it. Network and Sharing Centre and then Manage Wireless Networks. Remove the network from the list, Then go back to Network and Sharing Centre and Connect To A Network...

    perhaps firewall blocking you. How to install driver for printer.

    Configuring Windows Vista to use local DNS server
    1. Control Panel, Network Connections
    2. Right click on Wireless Network Connection
    3. Disable IP v6
    4. Double click on IP Version 4
    5. Choose 'Use the following IP address'
    6. enter IP Address according to the router configuration.
    7. Subnet mask:
    8 Default gateway and Preffered DNS server have the same IP (router IP).
    8. let the alternate DNS server empty

  8. '..even though it will connect to the router fine' I am having serious doubts about the phrase. Are you sure it is connecting to the router at all? Can the Vista talk to any other devices on the network (even ping them)? Most likely, it is assigning itself an APIPA (169.254.x.x) range address and not getting one from the router (DHCP server). You need to verify this to rule out the possibilitiy. If the machine is getting an address in this range, there is a problem with the machine connecting to a DHCP server for its addressing information.

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Hi there,I have a laptop with windows vista on it and first of all it didnt have the drivers for the network card, so i installed the drivers, then it worked fine, but now whenever i go onto the internet on it it says 'youre connection is not secure' so i downloaded Firefox and it does that as well, even when i go onto its still says, 'youre connection is not secure' And its plugged into Ethernet so its a direct link to the internet, i have all the latest updates installed, sorry if this doesn't really make sense but i hope if any of you can help me that would be great..