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I'm basically asking this question:

  1. How to disable the fade in and fade out feature when minimize, maximize, and create a new window? I missed the instant prompt feature in xp. Although the hardwares that are qualified to run windows 7 provide enough power, it's still helpful to make the window changes instant without the special effects. Can any one tell me a way to disable those special colorful features in windows 7?
  2. The quickest way to find out details about Microsoft Windows is to use keyboard shortcut WINDOWS KEY+PAUSE. The latter key might be named PAUSE/BREAK on some keyboards. Alternatively, right-click or touch and hold (My) Computer or This PC in Start menu/screen or Desktop and select Properties from the menu.
  3. Launch Windows Movie Maker, and select the segment of video to which you want to add a fade. Click on the Visual Effects tab, and then click the down arrow on the corner of the effects tray to view more effects.
  4. Power Sound Editor Free is a handy little tool with small size for audio editing, recording, audio CD burning and ripping. It is a very powerful editor with varied effects to help you create artistic masterpiece. This post will be focusing on how to add fade in and fade out effect to your audio with this free sound editor software.

I'm using Windows Live Movie Maker and have edited 5 or more different video's together to make 1 video to put on Youtube but am unable to fade the sound off of the original video's to add new voice over to the final video.

When I press Win+L, the “Locked” screen (with the password prompt) appears immediately. That’s nice, but not terribly important: I’m probably leaving the computer anyway.

But after I type the password (to unlock the workstation), the desktop doesn’t appear immediately: instead, the “Locked” screen slowly fades out, the desktop slowly fades in, wasting my time, and all keys (e.g. Win+R) pressed during this interval are completely swallowed, forcing me to wait unnecessarily. This is extremely annoying because when I unlock the workstation, I generally want to use my computer.

How do I disable this fade out/fade in effect and have the desktop appear immediately, in the same way that the “Locked” screen appears immediately?

I'm asking again because the aforementioned question didn't have any useful answers, but an answer was accepted anyway. I would like to know if any new findings have been made since that question was asked two years ago.

For me, though, I have my login background the same as my desktop. When it fades out, it removes the coolness that I get.

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(Posting this as an answer so later visitors can see it better.)

Based on the comments above, it seems there's no way to remove the fade in on screen unlock. It seems that the fade-out/ fade in animation is actually covering for Windows doing something when it unlocks the screen (much like the black flash you get if you hit control-alt-delete between the normal desktop and the lock menu). If there was no animation, the lockscreen would probably not take any less time to enter or exit, it would instead appear to hang for anywhere from half a second to a couple of seconds (depending on your computer) on a black screen. That is, the animation itself isn't the source of the delay, it's an attempt by Windows to mask the delay.


To avoid screen flicker when unnecessary animations turned off, I went to: Control PanelAppearance and PersonalizationPersonalization and chose 'Windows 7 basic'.


I was looking for this too, and sadly, this isn't possible as of yet. it's a major disappointment, but there is no system option or registry value that controls this. it would likely need a modification of system files, which nobody has done yet.


Change two settings:

  1. Go to > Control Panel > 'Performance Information and tools'

  2. Click on 'Adjust visual effects'

  3. De-select the items with 'fade'

  4. Go to > Control Panel > 'Appearance and Personalization'> Ease ofAccess Center then> 'Make it easier to focus on tasks' page

  5. Check 'Turn off all unnecessary animations' option, Found under the “Adjust timelimits and flashing visuals”

Restart: Should work..

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Windows Fade In And Out

I found the fade effect is not present on virtual machine and machine with very low-end graphic card, but I don't know how to fool the OS on a machine with modern graphic card.

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You can change your logon screen and there's plenty of other tweaks for Windows 7 in this websites home page:

Computer Windows Fade In And Out

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Windows 10 Fade In And Out Slowly

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Windows 7 Fade In And Out Slowly

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