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Real World/Road Rules Challenge: The Duel II
GenreReality game show
Created byMary-Ellis Bunim
Jonathan Murray
Presented byT. J. Lavin
Evan Starkman
Rachel Robinson
Country of originUnited States
Original language(s)English
No. of series17
No. of episodes12 (Special & Reunion Included)
Production location(s)Queenstown, New Zealand
Running time60 minutes (including commercials)
Original networkMTV
Original releaseApril 8[1]
June 17, 2009
Preceded byThe Island
Followed byThe Ruins
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The Challenge: War of the Worlds 2 One Nation Under Leroy season 34, ep 6. After Bananas's elimination, Leroy fills the alpha-sized hole on Team U.S., Dee and Rogan confront their feelings,. The TV show 'Parenthood' recently ended after six seasons and viewers bid goodbye to the Braverman family. From the very first episode to the last, the NBC Parenthood is a great show. I want to be in the Braverman family. I must say though, last season found me crying at every episode.

Real World/Road Rules Challenge: The Duel II is the 17th season of the MTVreality game show, The Challenge (at the time known as Real World/Road Rules Challenge).

Jun 17, 2009  The Duel II is the 17th season of the Real World/Road Rules Challenge. It premiered on April 8th, 2009 and concluded on June 17th, 2009 with the reunion show. It is the sequel to the 2006 season, The Duel. Twenty-six competitors are headed to New Zealand to. The winning guy, and the winning girl of this challenge will have to deliberate and make a decision of 1 person they wish the save from the duel. That person will then choose the next person safe and so on. So a win is definately important right at the beginning! Brianna.Confessional.: This challenge is going to be really important. Real World/Road Rules Challenge: The Duel II is the 17th season of the MTV reality game show, The Challenge. The Duel II is the sequel to the show's 13th season, The Duel. It took place in Queenstown, New Zealand, with former cast members from MTV's The Real World and Road Rules competing along with several cast members from the Fresh Meat challenge. The cast departed for Queenstown, New Zealand on October 27, 2008 and filming ran through early December. This season premiered on Wednesday, April. The Challenge Status The Duel Status Episode 2 Episode 3 Episode 4 Episode 5 Episode 6 Episode 7. Aneesa Ferreira. Beth Stolarczyk. Brad Fiorenza. I must say though, last season found me crying at every episode; Parenthood - No it isn't Science Fiction or Fantasy like my other favorite shows. This is a realistic drama based on the very different lives of a large family.

The Duel II is the sequel to the show's 13th season, The Duel. It took place in Queenstown, New Zealand,[2][3] with former cast members from MTV's The Real World and Road Rules competing along with several cast members from the Fresh Meat challenge. The cast departed for Queenstown, New Zealand on October 27, 2008[4] and filming ran through early December. This season premiered on Wednesday, April 8, 2009 and concluded on June 17, 2009 with the reunion show.[1][2][3][5]

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Host:T. J. Lavin, BMX rider


The Duel II follows the same format as the original Duel challenge (click here for further information), with the following differences:

  • The male and female winners of each challenge are both safe from entering the Duel, and have to agree on one person (regardless of gender) to potentially save from the Duel. The first person chosen then selects a player of the opposite gender, and so forth.[1][6]
  • The last male and female cast member that are not chosen will both compete in the Duel, select a competitor of their respective gender to go against them, and randomly select from one of five cards held by host T. J. Lavin to determine the Duel game, in which the players will compete.[1][6]
  • Unlike the original Duel season, there is a period of deliberation between the end of the challenge and the selection of the contestants for the elimination game.[6]
  • At the end of the season, there will be six contestants left — three of each gender. For each gender, there will be a first-, second- and third-place finisher. First-place will win $100,000, second-place will win $35,000 and third-place will win $15,000.[6]


Challenge games[edit]

  • Last Man Standing: This challenge involves playing rugby within a large field. First, players are separated into two teams of six — guys vs. guys and girls vs. girls. Due to the odd number of players at the beginning of the challenge (13 of each gender), one guy and one girl is chosen to sit out the first phase of the challenge and be exempt from Duel selection, but can enter the challenge at the second phase. In the first phase, each same-gender team starts out facing each other on opposite sides, and the team that transfers a rugby ball to the end zone wins the first phase, while the losing team is eliminated. The players who sat out the first phase (Brad & Paula) enter the challenge in the second phase, and are designated as tacklers. If a player on offense gets tackled to the ground, that player switches to defense, and has to tackle one player on the offensive side, and the process continues until the last player not tackled crosses the finish line, winning the challenge.[6]
    • Winners: Evan & Robin
  • Freezing as Puck: Players are teamed up into male/female pairs, in two teams of six pairs, with the challenge played in three rounds. The female player sits 'Indian style' on an oversize block of ice, or 'puck,' inside an ice rink, while their male partner has to push them from one end of the rink toward one of two numbered targets on the ice, and accumulate five or ten points for their team, depending on how far the 'puck' travels. The catch: Each player is wearing speedos and bikinis. A pair is disqualified if the female player sitting on the puck makes any contact with the ice, or falls off the puck prior to reaching a numbered target on the other side. The team that accumulates the most points wins the first round, while the losing team is eliminated. The winning team from the first round then splits up into two teams of three pairs, where the aforementioned process continues until a team of three pairs wins the second phase. In the third phase, the three pairs who win phase two will compete for themselves. If a tie occurs between two teams in the third phase, a tiebreaker is held in which distance, not points, will be the determining factor as to which pair wins the entire challenge.[7]
    • Winners: Mark & Rachel
  • All Shook Up: Players have to hang on to a pair of parallel ropes that are stretched out over a muddy pit, and have to shake their opponents off the ropes. The challenge is played in multiple rounds — guys vs. guys and girls vs. girls — with the winners of the first three rounds advancing to the final round. The last player standing on the ropes wins the challenge.[8]
    • Winners: Landon & Ruthie
  • Luging My Mind: Played in male/female pairs, each pair has to race up and down a luge course to solve a puzzle, while wearing oversize replica bobbleheads of themselves that resemble lamp shades. To start, the guys race up the course to the top, and have to ride back down in a luge car to the bottom of the course, where their female partners will repeat the process. Once the girls meet their male partners at the bottom, each pair will team up, and race to solve a puzzle. The first team to solve their puzzle wins.[9]
    • Winners: Landon & Brittini
  • Don't Let Go: A swing is suspended 360 feet in a canyon over the Shotover River. Players are teamed up into male/female pairs, with the girls harnessed from a swing and their male partners harnessed from a platform hanging from the edge of a cliff. Once the swing mechanisms are released, the guys have to hang on to their female partners with their hands for as long as possible, before the girls are eventually swung 200 feet downward in the form of a bungee jumping contest. The team that hangs on for the longest time wins.[10]
    • Winners: Mark & Rachel
  • Dangle Duo: Played in male/female pairs, each pair has to climb up a 100-foot ladder suspended from a platform hanging above the Kowhai River, and raise a flag to the top with a rope. A team is disqualified is one or both players fall off the ladder or do not raise a flag within a 20-minute time limit. The team that raises a flag in the fastest time wins.[11]
    • Winners: Landon & Brittini
  • Burnt: The challenge is played in separate rounds — male and female. A structure is suspended from a platform hanging 30 feet above a lake, with a pulley system and seven flags attached to barrels on the lake's shore. Each player is hanging from the top of the structure, and has to pull on their designated rope as fast as possible, which will send their flag toward their own barrel. Once six out of seven flags have reached the barrel, the one remaining barrel will explode, dropping the player attached to the barrel into the water. The process continues until the last player hanging wins.[12]
    • Winners: Landon & Brittini
  • Upside Downer: A rope platform is suspended from a structure high above the Kowhai River, and players have to swing upside down from ropes from one side of the platform to the other, and collect as many Māori carvings as possible within a 10-minute limit. A player is disqualified if he/she does not make it to the end of the platform within 10 minutes. The player that collects each carving in the fastest time wins.[13]
    • Winners: Landon & Rachel
  • Spelling Air: A platform is suspended from a structure above Lake Johnson, and players are hanging 100 feet above the water from the top of the platform. Each player is asked to spell a word. A player is dropped into the water and disqualified if he/she misspells a word. The process continues until the last player hanging wins.[14]
    • Winners: Evan & Rachel

Duel games[edit]

  • The Elevator: The competitors are placed in two separate cages with a pulling chain inside. Each competitor must pull the chain that is inside of his/her cage, and with each pull, the opponent's cage is raised. The competitor who's cage reaches the top first loses.[6][9][12][14]
    • Played Four Times:Ryan vs. Nick, Evan vs. Nehemiah, MJ vs. Dunbar, Aneesa vs. Tori.
  • Back Off: Each competitor has a hook attached to his/her back. The challenger must take the hook off of the opponent's back and place it on a ring on at the side of the arena. The first challenger to successfully hook his/her opponent's hook to the ring twice wins the challenge.[6][7][8][10][12][15]
    • Played Five Times:Aneesa vs. Shauvon, Brittini vs. Brooke, Kimberly vs. Ruthie, Aneesa vs. Paula, Brad vs. Landon.
  • Duel Pole Dancing: A totem pole-like structure is located in the center of the arena. Around the outside of the pole are climbing holds for the competitors to use to make their ascent. The first competitor to reach the top of the pole and ring a bell wins the challenge.[7][11]
    • Played Three Times:Kimberly vs. Robin, Derek vs. Eric, Brad vs. MJ
  • Push Over: There is a large wooden plank placed on the ground. This Duel is won by knocking a challenger off the plank twice.[7][9][11][13][15]
    • Played Five Times:MJ vs. Ryan, Jenn vs. Katie, Jenn vs. Kimberly, Diem vs. Jenn, Brittini vs. Diem.
  • Spot On: There are two rock-climbing walls, one for each challenger. There is a pattern that is designed on each wall. The pattern is not complete, though, and each challenger must use the pieces given to them in order to complete the pattern. The first challenger to complete the pattern wins.[8][10][13]
    • Played Three Times:Evan vs. Davis, Landon vs. Isaac, Evan vs. Derek.

Final challenge[edit]

The final challenge begins with each player riding on a jet boat, and each player jumping off the boat when it stops in the middle of the river. Each player has to cross from one side of a river to another using a rope. The remainder of the course involves checkpoints reminiscent of each duel elimination. After crossing a river, each player has to run up a steep hill to the first checkpoint, 'Spot On,' in which each player has to complete a puzzle. The second checkpoint is based on 'Duel Pole Dancing,' in which each player has to shimmy their way up to the top of a pole in order to unlock a mountain bike. Each player then rides their bike up a mountain side to the third checkpoint, 'Back Off.' Players have to chain themselves to an iron ring, and have to team up with a player of the opposite gender of their choice. Each pair then advances to the 'Push Over' checkpoint, in which players have to push a sled filled with dirt across a line, and remove the dirt to make the sled lighter. Each player then retrieves a key from under the sled's original spot in order to unlock themselves from the metal rings from the previous checkpoint. The final checkpoint is 'The Elevator,' in which each player has to elevate themselves to the top of 'The Duel' structure to retrieve a Māori carving, then sprint to the finish line, where the first-place finishers win $100,000, the second-place finishers win $35,000 and third-place finishers win $15,000.[15]

  • Real World/Road Rules Challenge: The Duel II Winners: Evan & Rachel

Game summary[edit]

Elimination chart[edit]

Male PlayersOriginal SeasonThird Place
Landon LueckRW: PhiladelphiaEpisode 10
MJ Garrett[a]RW: PhiladelphiaRR: Viewers' RevengeEpisode 8
Dunbar MerrillRW: SydneyEpisode 7
Eric BanksFresh MeatEpisode 6
Isaac StoutRW: SydneyEpisode 5
Nehemiah Clark[a]RW: AustinEpisode 4
Davis MalloryRW: DenverEpisode 3
Ryan KehoeFresh MeatEpisode 2
Nick BrownRW: HollywoodEpisode 1
Adam KingRW: ParisEpisode 1[a]
RW: Paris
Female PlayersOriginal SeasonFinish
Rachel RobinsonRR: Campus CrawlWinner
Brittini SherrodRW: HollywoodRunner-Up
Aneesa FerreiraRW: ChicagoRR: Viewers' Revenge Kimberly AlexanderRW: HollywoodEpisode 6
Ruthie AlcaideRW: HawaiiEpisode 5
Katie DoyleRR: The QuestEpisode 4
Brooke LaBarberaRW: DenverEpisode 3
Robin HibbardRW: San DiegoEpisode 2
Shauvon TorresRW: SydneyEpisode 1/2
EpisodeWinnersDuel contestantsDuel gameDuel outcome
#ChallengeVoted InWinnerLoser
1/2[a]2Freezing as PuckRachelRobinKimberly3All Shook UpRuthieBrookeBrittiniBack OffBrittiniBrooke
LandonDavisEvanSpot OnEvanDavis
4Luging My MindBrittiniJennKatiePush OverJennKatie
LandonNehemiahEvanThe ElevatorEvanNehemiah
5Don't Let GoMarkIsaacLandonSpot OnLandonIsaac
RachelRuthieKimberlyBack OffKimberlyRuthie
6Dangle DuoLandonDerekEricDuel Pole DancingDerekEric
BrittiniKimberlyJennPush OverJennKimberly
7BurntLandonDunbarMJThe ElevatorMJDunbar
BrittiniPaulaAneesaBack OffAneesaPaula
8Upside DownerLandonDerekEvanSpot OnEvanDerek
RachelJennDiemPush OverDiemJenn
9/10Spelling AirRachelAneesaToriThe ElevatorAneesaTori
EvanMJBradDuel Pole DancingBradMJ
10N/A[c]LandonBradBack OffBradLandon
DiemBrittiniPush OverBrittiniDiem
2nd place: Brittini; 3rd place: Aneesa
Evan2nd place: Brad; 3rd place: Mark

Duel progress[edit]

The contestant won the final challenge.
The contestant did not win the final challenge.
The contestant won the challenge.
The contestant won the Duel.
The contestant was exempt from Duel selection.
The contestant lost the Duel and was eliminated.
The contestant was disqualified from the competition due to physical violence.

Selection processes[edit]

1[b] 2345678910[c]
Evan & RobinMark & RachelLandon & RuthieLandon & BrittiniMark & RachelLandon & BrittiniLandon & BrittiniLandon & RachelEvan & RachelAneesa
These contestants won the Challenge, and had immunity from the Duel. Both contestants started the selection process.
The contestant was selected to go into the Duel by the contestant at the end of the selection process.
The contestant was at the end of the selection process, and automatically was sent into the Duel.


Last Man Standing (Ep. 1)[b]
Freezing as Puck (Ep. 2)
Round 1Round 2
Team 1Team 2Team 1Team 2
Brooke & NehemiahAneesa & EricAneesa & EricBrad & Tori
Davis & RuthieBrad & ToriEvan & PaulaBrittini & Landon
Derek & KimberlyBrittini & LandonMJ & RobinMark & Rachel
Diem & DunbarEvan & Paula
Isaac & KatieMark & Rachel
Jenn & RyanMJ & Robin
Luging My Mind (Ep. 4)
Aneesa & MJ
Brad & Tori
Brittini & Landon
Derek & Kimberly
Diem & Evan
Dunbar & Paula
Eric & Katie
Isaac & Ruthie
Jenn & Nehemiah
Mark & Rachel
Don't Let Go (Ep. 5)
Aneesa & MJ
Brad & Tori
Brittini & Landon
Derek & Kimberly
Diem & Evan
Dunbar & Paula
Eric & Jenn
Isaac & Ruthie
Mark & Rachel
Dangle Duo (Ep. 6)
Aneesa & MJ
Brad & Tori
Brittini & Landon
Derek & Kimberly
Diem & Evan
Dunbar & Paula
Eric & Jenn
Mark & Rachel


No. in
No. in
TitleOriginal air date
1222'Damned If You Duel..'April 8, 2009
2223'Duel Unto Others'April 15, 2009
3224'Duel What You Gotta Duel'April 22, 2009
4225'Duel-ality'April 29, 2009
5226'Duelers On The Verge Of A Nervous Breakdown'May 6, 2009
6227'Dueling For Dunbar'May 13, 2009
7228'Deja Duel'May 20, 2009
8229'If These Duels Could Talk'May 27, 2009
9230'Til Death Duel Us Part'June 3, 2009
10231'Duel Or Die'June 10, 2009

Reunion special[edit]

First aired June 17, 2009

The reunion was hosted by Maria Menounos and was taped at the MTV Studios on June 9, 2009. Cast members that attended were Landon, Evan, Rachel, Brittini, Aneesa, Kim, Dunbar, Brad, Tori, Diem, Mark, Jenn & Paula. The many relationships/hookups, fights & missions were discussed. First topic that was discussed was how Rachel beat all of the guys in the final mission. Mark stated that the reason why she had beat every one of the guys because the guys had to wait on the girls at the checkpoint during the middle of the mission. Brad felt like Rachel should have helped him dig more like how Brittini helped Evan, even though Rachel says she did. Maria then asked Evan & Rachel what they did with their money. Rachel said 'she is having a good time with it.' and Evan says 'He is putting it all away and saving it for the right girl.' Then, the CT/Adam fight was shown. Mark stated that besides the Diem situation being the source of the fight, past challenge history and them together on their season sparked more tension between the two. Jenn states that the fight was a whole lot worse when you were actually there, and Rachel says that CT shouldn't be allowed on any more of these challenges. The love triangle is discussed. Jenn said she had already known about Rachel & Aneesa's history and that Rachel avoided talking about it to either one of them, because she didn't want to hurt anyone's feelings. But, Aneesa felt like her feelings didn't matter and they were 'swept under a rug.' Kim then discussed that she & Dunbar had tried something after New Zealand but didn't work out. Evan then felt like Paula shook up the voting order when she voted for Dunbar instead of MJ, even though Paula denies that ever happens and says Evan 'did her wrong'. Mark & Landon felt like the missions were pretty easy and Landon says that he would rather lose to Brad than anyone else on the show. Brad states that the show added a stress factor to his relationship with Tori's relationship, but Tori confirms that they are engaged and will be getting married in April. It is also discussed why Mark came out of the retirement after announcing it on the Gauntlet 2 reunion. Maria asks about Robin & Katie, Robin is pregnant and expecting a little boy and Katie is engaged. Mark also added that Brooke just moved in with her girlfriend from A Shot of Love. The Real World: Cancun preview is shown, thus ending another challenge reunion.[16]


  1. ^ abcdefgBefore any challenges took place, Adam and CT were both disqualified from the competition after they engaged in a physical altercation. MJ and Nehemiah were brought in as replacements.[6]
  2. ^ abcdeDue to the odd number of contestants in the first round of the 'Last Man Standing' challenge, Brad and Paula were each selected for immunity from the first Duel.[6]
  3. ^ abcdIn Episode 10, no challenge or Duel selection process was held prior to the final duels; however, one contestant was nominated for the Duel by a vote. Additionally, one guy and one girl got their choice of their respective Duel opponent. As the winners of the previous duels, Aneesa and Brad were chosen to pick the cards for the final duels. Landon and Diem were voted to go into the Duel by the other competitors, and selected the contestants they wanted to go into the Duel with them — Brad and Brittini, respectively. The final duels took place between the Spelling Air Challenge and the Final Challenge. No competitors had immunity from this Duel.[15]


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Real World/Road Rules Challenge: The Island
GenreReality game show
Created byMary-Ellis Bunim
Jonathan Murray
Presented byT. J. Lavin
Derrick Kosinski
Evelyn Smith
Johnny Devenanzio
Kenny Santucci
Opening theme'Devour' by Shinedown
Country of originUnited States
Original language(s)English
No. of series16
No. of episodes9
Production location(s)Boca del Drago, Panama
Running time60 minutes (including commercials)
Original networkMTV
Original releaseSeptember 10 –
November 5, 2008
Preceded byThe Gauntlet III
Followed byThe Duel II
External links

Real World/Road Rules Challenge: The Island is the 16th season of the MTVreality game show, The Challenge (at the time known as Real World/Road Rules Challenge).

Like previous seasons of The Challenge, The Island featured cast members from various past seasons of The Real World and Road Rules, of which The Challenge was a spin-off, competing along with several cast members from the Fresh Meat challenge. This season featured the contestants 'stranded' on an island off the coast of Panama, where the cast competed for a buried treasure chest filled with $300,000 USD in gold. Unlike in previous Challenges, the cast was not housed in a luxurious dwelling, but was 'forced' to improvise and 'work' for the basic necessities of food and shelter, as on the TV series Survivor. Unlike previous seasons of The Challenge, there were no predetermined teams. Instead, the cast members had to forge their own alliances. Of the twenty cast members, there were only four winners.[1]The Island premiered on September 10, 2008, and concluded on October 29, 2008.

  • 4Game summary
  • 7Episodes


Host:T. J. Lavin, BMX rider

The following is a list of cast members on The Island:[2]

PlayerOriginal SeasonGenderEliminated
Derrick KosinskiRR: X-TremeMaleWinner
Evelyn SmithFresh MeatFemaleWinner
Johnny 'Bananas' DevenanzioRW: Key WestMaleWinner
Kenny SantucciFresh MeatMaleWinner
Jenn GrijalvaRW: DenverFemaleRunner-Up
Paula MeronekRW: Key WestFemaleRunner-Up
Robin HibbardRW: San DiegoFemaleRunner-Up
Ryan KehoeFresh MeatMaleRunner-Up
Dunbar MerrillRW: SydneyMaleEpisode 8
Johanna BottaRW: AustinFemaleEpisode 8
KellyAnne JuddRW: SydneyFemaleEpisode 8
Dan WalshMaleEpisode 8
Colie EdisonRW: DenverFemaleEpisode 7
Cohutta GrindstaffRW: SydneyMaleEpisode 6
Tyrie BallardRW: DenverMaleEpisode 5
Ashli RobsonRW: SydneyFemaleEpisode 4
Rachel RobinsonRR: Campus CrawlFemaleEpisode 3
Abram BoiseRR: South PacificMaleEpisode 2
Dave MalinoskyRW: HollywoodMaleEpisode 2[a]
Tonya CooleyRW: ChicagoFemaleEpisode 1


The contestants are 'stranded' on an island, the objective of the challenge is to construct two boats that they will eventually use to reach a nearby island where the buried treasure of $300,000 is actually hidden. Once the boats are complete, only eight key-holders will be allowed to board and compete in a 4-on-4 race to get to the buried treasure.[3]

The Challenge The Duel Episode 13 Dailymotion

At the beginning of each episode, materials to build the boats, food, information about the boats and some luxury are air-dropped, it's up to the contestants to decide how the food will be divided and to assemble the pieces and make sure their vessels are seaworthy.[3]

They will then have to choose 3 contestants to go into a face-off. In order to get one of the keys to be in the final race and have a shot for the money, contestants must risk it all in this three-way face-offs. After each face-off, the winner receives a key, the losers get a chance to speak in front of every contestant as should why they should stay in the island, the contestants (except for the winner of the face-off) vote on who should leave the island. In the case of a tie, the winner of the face-off will decide who leaves and who stays.[3]

The Challenge Duel Episode 15

However, the rules of the challenge are given to the competitors as the challenge advances,[4] and the way to get the keys can change at any moment. At the end of the season, the eight key-holders will have to divide themselves into two teams of four, build their boats and race to the island where the buried treasure of $300,000 is hidden.[5]


  • Leaning Tower: Contestants must swim out to retrieve 12 pegs that will help them climb a telephone pole with a bell at the top. The first to the climb to the top and ring the bell wins.[3]
  • Ring Wrestle: Contestants must all hold onto a ring and wrestle it out of the other's hands. The last person remaining wins.[6]
  • The Rack: Contestants must sit on two parallel bars situated over water and never lose contact with both bars. The last person remaining wins.[7]
  • Ball Buster: Contestants get to pick a partner and they all must fight to push a 9-foot-tall (2.7 m) ball into their goal twice. The first person to do so wins.[8]
  • Bridge It: Contestants must walk back and forth across a bridge. After every time they walk across, they must remove one of the planks, making it more difficult for the next person to walk across. The only person who does not fall from the bridge wins.[4]
  • Rat in a Cage: Contestants are each be locked in their own cage and each has four locks. Four keys are scattered that they have to untie. The first out of the cage wins.[9]
  • Timbur: Contestants must stand on a stump and hold two heavy tree trunks up with each arm. Whoever holds the two tree trunks the longest wins.[10]
  • Water Bound: Contestants are shackled at the ankles and dropped in a tank of water with a weight. They must continuously bounce up and sink back down with the weight. The person who holds the weight the longest wins.[5]

Game summary[edit]

Face-off outcome
#Face-offWinnerKey StolenSavedEliminatedVote
1Leaning TowerAbramAbramN/AKennyTonya14-3
2[a]Ring WrestleAbramDerrickJohnnyAbram9-6
3The RackKellyAnneKellyAnneRobinRachel8-6
4Ball BusterAshliPaulaJennAshli7-0
5Bridge ItDanEvelynJohnnyDanTyrie9-2
6Rat in a CageCohuttaJohnnyEvelynDerrickCohutta10-1
8Water BoundDanEvelynDunbarN/ADanN/A
Final ChallengeWinners: Derrick, Evelyn, Johnny, Kenny2nd place: Jenn, Paula, Robin, Ryan
Red Boat
Blue Boat

Face-Off Progress[edit]

The contestant won the competition.
The contestant made it to the end of the challenge, but lost in the final.
The contestant won the face-off and a key.
The contestant won the face-off and took the key of another contestant.
The contestant lost the face-off, but was not eliminated and received a key.
The contestant lost the face-off, but was not eliminated.
The contestant had their key stolen by the face-off winner.
The contestant had their key stolen by the face-off winner and was automatically eliminated.
The contestant lost the face-off and was automatically eliminated.
The contestant lost the face-off and was voted out.
The contestant quit the competition.
The contestant was given a key by an eliminated player.

Voting Progress[edit]

Voted OutTonya
14 of 17 votes
9 of 15 votes
8 of 14 votes
7 of 13 votes
9 of 11 votes
10 of 11 votes
10 of 10 votes
No Vote

Key holders[edit]

The Challenge Duel 2 Episode 1 Dailymotion

EpisodeKey Number
  • Key Holder at the end of each Episode.


No. in
No. in
TitleOriginal air date
1214'Welcome to the Island'September 10, 2008

Twenty competitors arrive to The Island in Bocas del Toro, Panama. They learn that this Challenge is different from any other: There are no teams and no challenges. The challengers will have to be one of the eight people with keys on the island in order to race for a treasure chest containing $300,000. There will be two separate boats that can hold four people each, and the first to reach the other island that contains the cash prize will be able to claim it. They discover that they will have to live in rustic living conditions eating food that mostly consists of rice, and some chicken and fish. They then learn that they can gain keys to the treasure chest three ways: winning a face-off, being saved by a public vote after losing a Face-off, or if someone is eliminated that has a key, they must give their key to another person. As the competitors settle in, they begin to form alliances. Johnny, Kenny, Derrick, Paula, and Johanna begin an alliance, while rookies band together to save themselves from the veterans. KellyAnne and Cohutta have ended their relationship from The Real World: Sydney, but remain close friends. Kenny and Abram volunteer themselves for the first Face-off, and Tonya is voted in much to the surprise of the rookie females KellyAnne and Ashli. At the Leaning Tower Face-off, Abram barely defeats Kenny and he receives the first key. At the Elimination Ceremony, Tonya and Kenny plead their case, and Tonya is voted of The Island mostly because the others don't want her in their boat. Kenny then receives the second key and rejoins the other competitors.[3]

  • Face-off: Leaning Tower
  • Participants: Abram, Kenny, Tonya
  • Face-off winner: Abram (receives a key)
  • Saved: Kenny (receives a key)
  • Voted off: Tonya (14–3)
  • Key holders: Abram, Kenny
2215'Calling It Quits'September 17, 2008

Abram is swarmed with wasps, and Dan discovers Dave wants him off The Island. Johnny accuses KellyAnne of stealing Ashli's food, which she denies saying she'd never do that to her friend. Johnny continues to argue with KellyAnne and says she and Robin should swap medication, and she screams she wants to punch him in the face. Evelyn comforts KellyAnne and they become friends, partially because of their dislike for Johnny. Later, the challengers receive their first Army drop-off. They must swim to retrieve it from the ocean, and open it to find toilet paper, food, and the first parts of the boats they must build. They also get a cell phone with ten minutes on it, and Abram uses it to call his business which he discovers is in turmoil. Kenny and Johanna begin a romance. Dave quits the challenge because he wants to go home to his girlfriend. Johnny and Derrick volunteer themselves for the Face-off, and much to the surprise of everyone, Abram also volunteers despite already having a key. Johnny and Derrick decide to try to eliminate Abram from the Face-off first, and succeed. Derrick defeats Johnny in the one-on-one round of the Face-off, and receives a key. Before elimination, many of the girls decide to plot against Johnny because they feel he's disrespectful to women. At the Elimination Ceremony, instead of pleading for Johnny to go home, Abram tells everyone that he wants them to send him home after he learns that something went wrong at his workplace. Many of the girls still vote for Johnny to go home, and Johnny barely survives elimination even though Abram asked to be voted off. Abram is voted off The Island, and Johnny receives a key. Since Abram has a key, he gives it to Dunbar, who he feels can lead a team to victory.[6]

  • Quit: Dave[a]
  • Face-off: Ring Wrestle
  • Participants: Abram, Derrick, Johnny
  • Face-off winner: Derrick (receives a key)
  • Saved: Johnny (receives a key)
  • Voted off: Abram (9–6) (Abram gives his key to Dunbar)
  • Key holders: Derrick, Dunbar, Johnny, Kenny
3216'Girl Fight'September 24, 2008

Johnny explains that the main alliances are as follows: The four men that have keys, Derrick, Dunbar, Johnny, and Kenny, along with Paula and Johanna are in an alliance. The second he says are most of the rest of the girls, led by Rachel and Jenn. The third consists of KellyAnne, Cohutta, and Evelyn. Johnny and KellyAnne continue to argue, this time about who gets to cook the fish. She tells him that he's not good at cooking fish and she had already started to cook the fish, and that he just wants to do it so he'll get more fish. He tells her that she doesn't need that much fish because she's an 'anorexic bitch'. Evelyn defends KellyAnne and tells Johnny that he's attacking KellyAnne because he only got a key because Abram asked to be eliminated. Evelyn and KellyAnne don't want to go against each other in the next Face-off because they're good friends, and detest that Johnny is the leader of the island. Robin states she wants to win this challenge more than anything because it's her sixth one. Robin confronts Kenny and Johanna, who told Ryan that she stole his piece of fish, which she denies. She tells Johanna to face her in the next Face-off and Johanna says she won't go into a Face-off until late in the game. They continue to argue and Ryan praises Robin for sticking up for herself. Robin and Dan begin a romance and Rachel and Jenn begin a 'close friendship'. Rachel, Robin, and KellyAnne volunteer themselves for the Face-off. They learn that if they win the face-off, they will win a four-day trip for two to New York City. At The Rack Face-off, as the girls center themselves on the two poles, KellyAnne flips off Johnny when he makes fun of her having ADD. After an hour, Robin loses first because she takes her hand off one of the poles. Johnny changes his mind and wants KellyAnne to win because he realizes her alliance consists of Cohutta and Evelyn, and the three of them he feels are not threats, while Rachel is a threat because of her large alliance. After two hours and five minutes, Rachel lets go of one of the poles, and loses. KellyAnne wins the Face-off and a key for the treasure chest. KellyAnne chooses Cohutta to go to New York City with her. Rachel pleads with Johnny and Kenny to keep her on The Island, saying that if it came down to them and Jenn, her loyalty would be with them. At the Elimination Ceremony, Robin emotionally pleads to everyone to give her a chance because she can sail boats, while Rachel changes her mind and says she's no longer willing to risk her integrity to manipulate the game. Robin narrowly escapes elimination and receives a key, and Rachel is sent home.[7]

  • Face-off: The Rack
  • Participants: KellyAnne, Rachel, Robin
  • Face-off Winner: KellyAnne (receives a key)
  • Reward Winner(s): KellyAnne, Cohutta (A 4-day trip for 2 to New York)
  • Saved: Robin (receives a key)
  • Voted Off: Rachel (8-6)
  • Key Holders: Derrick, Dunbar, Johnny, KellyAnne, Kenny, Robin
4217'Are You a Quitter?'October 1, 2008

Paula, Evelyn, and Ashli contemplate putting themselves into the next Face-off, but Evelyn thinks Johnny's alliance will keep her from competing in one because they think she's a strong competitor. Meanwhile, Evelyn and KellyAnne have forged a strong friendship and have become 'island outcasts' against Johnny's alliance. Evelyn and Johnny come into conflict over food again because Johnny wants the men to eat all the fish, and Johnny calls her a 'dumb bitch'. KellyAnne ponders how the dumbest people are running The Island, and thinks other people besides her and Evelyn should stand up for themselves instead of being controlled by Johnny's alliance. KellyAnne and Evelyn say they need to get Johnny off of the island, for their own sanity. Meanwhile, the cast celebrates Johnny's birthday. Jenn also wants to go into the Face-off, and begins to plan with Johnny to put Paula, herself, and KellyAnne in the Face-off in hopes of voting KellyAnne off. Ashli and Robin come to conflict after Robin calls her 'rookie', and Ashli says it's pathetic that Robin still does these Challenges when she's thirty years-old. Ashli goes outside and cuts her toe deeply after stepping on glass, but she gets stitches for it and cannot get it wet or walk on it for a week. Ashli and Robin reconcile the next day. They get a drop off with more boat pieces, food, and another cell phone with ten minutes on it which they all share. Dunbar wants Ashli off the island because he thinks she just takes up space now and eats their food. Colie and Dunbar come into conflict over food. Paula says Dunbar is a ticking time-bomb. Johnny wants KellyAnne to go into the Face-off, but Paula is afraid she'll lose to her because KellyAnne clearly proved she was one of the strongest competitors after beating Rachel. TJ tells them they have 45 minutes to decide who will be going into the Face-off, and Paula, Johanna, Evelyn, Jenn, and Ashli volunteer. After voting, Paula, Jenn, and Ashli will be competing in the Face-off, and TJ tells her that it 'pisses him off' because she can't even walk and thinks she should just quit. Evelyn is mad because she thinks she'll never get to compete because they're scared of her. Later, the contestants are 'losing their minds' because their camp is swarmed with bugs, except for Cohutta who uses common sense and puts a bug net over himself and 'chills' on the couch. Later, at the Ball Buster Face-off, Ashli, Jenn, and Paula learn they will be able to choose a male partner to compete with. Ashli chooses Derrick, Paula chooses Dunbar, and Jenn chooses Tyrie. Paula and Dunbar get the first goal, and then get Jenn and Tyrie to help them get the second, because Jenn feels like she won't go home in an Elimination Ceremony with Ashli. Derrick praises Ashli for fighting hard with only one good foot. Later, at the Elimination Ceremony, Paula receives her key. Jenn and Ashli must plead their case and Jenn says that she'll give one-hundred percent or more in every challenge, while Ashli simply says she thanks everyone who supported her and that she trust their make the right decision. TJ again scolds Ashli, because he says it sounds like she's quitting, which she denies. TJ says if you sacrifice yourself for others, essentially that's quitting, and he warns the cast to not quit because he's getting sick of it. The voting begins, and after seven people have voted Ashli off, TJ says there's a majority and there's no need to continue. Jenn receives her key, and Ashli is sent off The Island.[8]

  • Face-off: Ball Buster
  • Participants: Ashli, Jenn, Paula
  • Face-off Winner: Paula (receives a key)
  • Saved: Jenn (receives a key)
  • Voted Off: Ashli (7-0, majority)
  • Key Holders: Derrick, Dunbar, Jenn, Johnny, KellyAnne, Kenny, Paula, Robin
5218'Ev vs. The Island'October 8, 2008

Evelyn says the reason she and KellyAnne are picked on by Johnny are because they are the only people who stand up for themselves. Another drop-off arrives, and the islanders are disgruntled when they discover it contains no meat, but only vegetables and eggs. They also receive a scavenger hunt map which leads them to uncovering two wooden boxes from the beach, containing information on the boats and more supplies for them as well. Cohutta says that he's happier now because there's only one thing that's going to get him off The Island, and it's not complaining about food or starting fights with everyone like everyone else does, it's knowing how to build the boats. Dunbar wants to keep the eggs for the men as a substitute for meat, but KellyAnne and Colie says it's not going to happen because the women never get meat and are starving: KellyAnne says she's lost an inch around her waist already and she doesn't want to lose more weight. Tyrie says if they weren't competing he would have 'beat Dunbar's ass already' because he says Dunbar's greedy. Johnny and Kenny find out that there's another box on the map that they failed to get, and set off to retrieve it in hopes that it will contain meat that only they can eat, and are disappointed when it only contains more boat pieces. The next day, Johnny tells his alliance that he wants Evelyn gone before KellyAnne, and plot to put her against two men in the next Face-off in hopes that she will be easily defeated.[4]

TJ arrives to find out who will be going into the Face-off, and Tyrie, Evelyn, and Dan volunteer, Evelyn saying that nobody will let her compete against the other girls so she has to go against men. TJ comes back and tells them that since the eight keys are already given out, the winner of the Face-off will be able to take a key from anyone who has a key. Johnny's alliance tells Evelyn that they want her to take KellyAnne's key away from her if she wins and that if she does, they will guarantee that she will be in the Final Race. Evelyn says she must now decide between her friendship, and the money. Evelyn tells KellyAnne the alliance's plan, and KellyAnne says she's not surprised that they want her gone, but is hurt that Evelyn is considering it, but says she also knows this decision is worth $75,000. KellyAnne warns Evelyn that if she does take her key that the alliance will betray her and send them both home. At the beach, KellyAnne confides in Cohutta that she is hurt by Evelyn's consideration of their plan because she thinks the alliance is scaring her into thinking that's her only option. Cohutta tells her that he told her people were targeting her, but that she can always trust him. Dan is distant from everyone because he's worried about this game, and Robin cries that she wishes he would let her be closer to him.[4]

The next day at the Bridge It Face-off, TJ tells them that something special will be awarded to the winner. Dan loses the Face-off first after over-jumping a big gap in the bridge. Tyrie attempts to jump an eight plank gap, but loses balance and supports himself by putting his hands on the bridge, which is against the rules so he loses as well. Evelyn wins the Face-off. Johnny says he thinks Tyrie disqualified himself on purpose, and Tyrie becomes angry with Johnny because he didn't. TJ awards Evelyn with a pepperoni pizza for her win, and says she can split it with two other people: She chooses KellyAnne and Robin. The other cast members say they're miserable watching them eat the pizza. Tyrie is infuriated and says he refuses to beg the alliance to stay on The Island. Evelyn tells Johnny and Kenny that she cannot take KellyAnne's key, even if it's suicide in the game for her. She says she doesn't know why they think KellyAnne doesn't deserve a key and says she thinks Jenn, Dunbar, Robin, and Paula are people with keys weaker than KellyAnne, and almost everyone else without a key is weaker than her as well. They tell her that she can take Jenn's key and they wouldn't be upset with her. Evelyn tells Jenn about what Johnny and Kenny said, and Jenn tells her that she's in a position where she could break up their alliance for good.[4]

At the Elimination Ceremony, Dan and Tyrie plead their case. Tyrie is sent home and Dan is allowed back onto The Island. TJ tells Evelyn to explain her mind process before deciding who's key she's going to take. She tells the group that there is only one alliance that has dominated The Island, and that they play the game with selfishness, dishonesty, and cowardice. She continues by saying that they bully people into submitting into their will. She says 'Fuck you, and fuck your alliance', and names the members of the alliance; Kenny, Johnny, Dunbar, Paula, and Johanna. She warns the other cast members they're naive if they think they are part of the alliance's plan, and that they'd backstab anyone for the victory. She says she's going after the captain of the alliance, Johnny. She takes his key and says he'll now have to fight to get it back instead of having it handed to him by a vote. He throws his key on the floor in front of her, and makes her pick it up. Johnny says that he's coming after Evelyn.[4]

  • Face-off: Bridge It
  • Participants: Dan, Evelyn, Tyrie
  • Face-off Winner: Evelyn (takes Johnny's key)
  • Reward Winner(s): Evelyn, KellyAnne, Robin (A pepperoni pizza)
  • Saved: Dan
  • Voted Off: Tyrie (9-2)
  • Key Holders: Derrick, Dunbar, Evelyn, Jenn, KellyAnne, Kenny, Paula, Robin
6219'Island King'October 15, 2008

The alliance decides that they will keep sending Johnny in until he gets a key again. KellyAnne and Cohutta talk about their romance ending after The Real World: Sydney, KellyAnne saying deep down both of them think it's best for them to just be close friends. Cohutta says as the competition progresses, the line of what side each person is on is becoming more blurred, and KellyAnne says it's because they are sending people home who are on their side. KellyAnne says Cohutta has nothing to worry about because everyone likes him and no one's thinking about sending him home. Cohutta tells her he's tired of sitting around, and wants his chance to win the money. Robin contemplates her romance with Dan, saying that everyone wants him to get drunk because he's a 'lunatic' when he's drunk, but she just wants him to be himself. Evelyn says they've created an alliance to get rid of Johnny's alliance (Johnny, Kenny, Dunbar, Paula, and Johanna) consisting of herself, KellyAnne, Cohutta, Jenn, and Colie. She says that leaves Robin, Derrick, Dan, and Ryan in the middle of the two alliances. Johnny says Evelyn has 'balls, but no brains'. Cohutta says he wants a shot at getting a key, and Dan agrees with him. Dan says everyone is counting Cohutta out because he's smaller than most of the other men, but states that he's a tough competitor and a really honest, good guy who deserves the money. Cohutta figures that if he wins the Face-off, Johnny's alliance will want him to take KellyAnne's key. He tells Dan he wouldn't do that because he cares for her a lot and couldn't be happy about winning the money if he betrayed her. Cohutta says everyone is Johnny's alliance would be fine with screwing someone over to win, but he couldn't feel good about lying. Dan tells Cohutta that he and Derrick will have his back. Later, Dan and Robin talk about Dan's drinking, and Dan admits he's disappointed with himself for how much he's been drinking. Robin says she likes him sober better, and that he's going to have to stop drinking. Evelyn tries to convince Derrick to join their alliance, but he wants to focus on his own game, but feels like he's playing both sides of 'good and bad' by doing so. Evelyn tells him that she, KellyAnne, and Cohutta have been against Johnny's alliance since the beginning, and that if more people joined with them, people who deserve to win would win. She tells him whatever side he chooses to be on will win, and tells him to think about who deserves to win more. Derrick commends Evelyn for playing the game to the best of her ability, physically and politically, against 'the villain' Johnny. Later, Robin tells her fellow cast members that Dan was 'too limp' to have sex as a result of drinking too much. Dan fights with Robin saying he was trying to be nice and not tell anyone they had sex, and that she's lying about him being limp. He tells her to own her lies and when she says nothing, he tells her that she's dead to him. Later alone in the hut, Robin confides in KellyAnne that she feels really bad about her actions, but she can't deal with people who fight like that in her life. Colie thinks they're bad for each other because they both have problems with alcohol, and that people with alcohol gravitate towards one another.[9]

The next day, the contestants receive a drop-off, and much to their gratitude it contains meat and another cell phone with ten minutes on it. Cohutta begins to build the boats, and teaches Derrick how to do so. Cohutta says that if he could be on the boat with anyone it would be Derrick because of his determination. Derrick says he would want Cohutta with him because he knows how to work and build because he's a contractor. Derrick says Cohutta's one of the coolest guys he's met, and that he's a down-to-earth, nice guy. At deliberation, Cohutta, Johnny, and Ryan volunteer themselves, and surprisingly KellyAnne and Derrick do too despite already having keys. After voting, Cohutta, Johnny, and Derrick will be going into the Face-off, Derrick saying he's there to support Johnny. Cohutta says he thinks he'll have two people against him in the Face-off, but he's happy that he gets to compete. KellyAnne fears that Cohutta will lose, and that she will not only lose an alliance member, but also the person she's closest to. Cohutta asks her why she's so solemn, telling her he'd rather earn a key than have one handed to him. She tells him he'll do good and he tells her not to worry, and they hug. Evelyn tells Colie that if Johnny loses tomorrow, he will be voted off for sure because both Cohutta and Derrick are very well-liked and won't lose the vote.[9]

The next day, at the Rat in a Cage Face-off, Derrick has trouble unlocking the colored locks, and now thinks he may be color-blind. Cohutta and Johnny are in the lead, but one of the keys Cohutta needs to unlock his last lock fell off the pole that he has been trying to arrange so he could unlock the cage, and Johnny barely wins the Face-off. The disgruntled Cohutta says he hates losing at any game. KellyAnne is upset that Cohutta lost and holds back tears. Later, as Johnny teaches KellyAnne how to skin fish, Johnny states that he actually felt evil when he said some of the things he said to KellyAnne, and that he's willing to bury the hatchet because she's a nice girl. He tells her that he didn't mean what he said, and that it's a defense method because when he feels attacked, he likes to end the argument by saying the meanest thing he can to stop the arguing. When KellyAnne tells Evelyn about what Johnny told her, she says it's nonsense because he's just saying that because it's near the end of the challenge, and that he doesn't regret anything he's done. She tells her not to believe him because he's a stone-cold liar. Later, Cohutta tells KellyAnne that if his key wouldn't have fallen off, he would've won the Face-off. KellyAnne says she's sorry, but tells him that he did very well and that even if he is voted off, he made it a lot farther than most rookies do.[9]

At the Elimination Ceremony, Derrick is brought down first to plea his case since he got last in the Face-off. He tells everyone that he's been working hard on one of the boats this whole time, and says he knows it will never capsize. He also tells them that he loves doing these challenges, and that the money will really help the family he's starting since his wife is pregnant. Cohutta goes next, and he starts by saying he thinks either him or Derrick would be good on a boat. He says he actually didn't want to go against Derrick because he wanted him on his boat, but says he's a resourceful dude. He says he's good at tying knots, but gets the group to laugh when he says 'As far as untying them—uhhh (laughs)', referring to how the competitors had to untie a lot of knots at the Face-off. He says that he and Derrick are both great competitors. He said he had a great time, and a great ride and says that if he's not voted back on, to keep the wind at their backs while sailing. Everyone votes Cohutta off The Island, except KellyAnne, but all compliment him saying he's a good guy. KellyAnne says that after all they've done for each other and all they've been through together that she could never betray him. Derrick is voted back onto the island. Cohutta said he's not happy about going home, but he's content about how he competed and says he had a good time. He also says Derrick has more on his shoulders because he's starting a family and Derrick needs the money more than he does. Johnny is brought down to decide who's key he's going to take. Johnny begins his speech by saying that outside of these shows, all of his alliance members he's known for a while and they've been friends since they started doing shows together. He says that people think that they're doing wrong by creating this 'evil alliance' but in actuality, he says they're just friends who have each other's backs and want to win with each other. Evelyn says his speech is a crock of crap because he said he doesn't play dirty and obviously he does. Johnny compares Evelyn's strategy to a poker game, saying she had a good strategy, but lay her cards down too early and that there's no brain there, and now there's no key there. He says he's taking back what's his, and takes Evelyn's key. The cast says their goodbyes to Cohutta. Derrick thanks him for working on the boat with him. KellyAnne sadly tells him she's going to miss him. Cohutta says he doesn't know what the future holds for him and KellyAnne. He says he hates to see her go, but loves to watch her walk away. He states the hills are calling him, and he's ready to go back to Georgia.[9]

Back in their camp, KellyAnne is upset and confides in Ryan that she misses Cohutta, and reminisces about their relationship saying he never complained and he made her not want to complain. She says she loved that he was here with her, and is really sad to see him go. She also wishes she would've gone instead of him, because she doesn't want to be here without him. Paula congratulates Johnny on 'taking back what was rightfully his.' Evelyn says she's stronger mentally than any of them, and it drives her crazy that they hold all the influence while good people like her, KellyAnne, and Cohutta are the ones sent home. Evelyn becomes enraged and breaks a cupboard out of frustration.[9]

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  • Face-off: Rat in a Cage
  • Participants: Cohutta, Derrick, Johnny
  • Face-off Winner: Johnny (takes Evelyn's key)
  • Saved: Derrick
  • Voted Off: Cohutta (10-1)
  • Key Holders: Derrick, Dunbar, Jenn, Johnny, KellyAnne, Kenny, Paula, Robin
7220'Down to the Wire'October 22, 2008

This episode starts off with Johnny, Kenny, and Dan having a 'butt-contest' to see who has the nicest butt. Ryan and Jenn judge and crown Johnny the winner, only furthering his cockiness as KellyAnne observes. Ryan feels intimidated being the only gay guy on The Island. The alliance tells Ryan he will have a chance at a key at the next Face-off, but they want him to take it from Jenn, one of his closest friends. Johanna and Colie, who are close friends, want their chance at a key as well, but don't want to go against one another. They want someone with a key from the alliance to go with them, and if Colie/Johanna loses, the key holder will most likely win and give them the key. Dunbar takes offense to people saying he didn't earn his key, rebutting by saying that he is the reason Paula earned her key. He and Johnny feel like Colie and Johanna offer nothing to the alliance, and all they do is sit around and tan. They tell them they will not follow their plans, and they have to earn the key themselves, which leads to a long argument. Colie settles the argument saying that if they don't want to help them, she, Johanna, and Ryan will go into the Face-off. TJ arrives for the nominations, and no one objects to Colie, Johanna, and Ryan going in. TJ tells them they are doing a 'piss-poor job' of assembling the boats, and that they better work better and faster to finish them.[10]

As the group begins to work on the boats, all of the men decide to work on the Blue Boat first, and will assemble the Blue Boat after. This angers Robin, who feels like she is unable to contribute with the men building and she having no input. Robin, Evelyn, KellyAnne, and Colie work on the Red Boat, and everyone tells them to stop because they are not going to be able to assemble it correctly. This makes Robin and Colie mad, who feel like women can build the boats just as well as men. Later, Johnny tells Robin to just settle down, and that she is a great help, but she needs to listen to them. He warns her to mess up her position in their alliance, and she abides. Friends Colie, Johanna, and Ryan all wish each other luck in the next Face-off, saying they'll be happy no matter who wins.[10]

At the Timber Face-off, Colie loses her grip on the ropes first. Johanna and Ryan battle it out, but Johanna loses and Ryan easily wins saying he could've hung on to the ropes for a lot longer. Ryan ponders who's key he's going to take, considering Jenn, KellyAnne, and Dunbar. He says he doesn't want to take Jenn's because he's friends with her. He says he likes KellyAnne, and will feel bad if he takes her key because she actually earned hers. He considers taking Dunbar's key saying he doesn't deserve it because Abram handed it to him and he didn't earn it, but fears that if he does, Dunbar will easily win the next Face-off and take it back from him.[10]

At the Elimination Ceremony, Johanna pleads first and says she's a veteran who's seen a Final Challenge before and knows how to handle them. Colie starts off by saying that Colie and Johanna are a team, and as team captain, she knows she won't be able to win the last Face-off, and she pleads for them to keep Johanna instead of herself. Everyone abides by Colie's wishes, and she is voted off The Island. Ryan is called down, and he begins his speech by saying he knows people view him as a 'flip-flopper', who plays with both alliances. He says it's getting down to the wire and he has to pick a side. He decides to take KellyAnne's key because he feels that although she earned it, he has a better shot at winning the money if he sides with Johnny's alliance. Evelyn says she feels bad for KellyAnne and herself, because she knows no one will let them back into the last Face-off, even though they actually earned their keys before they were taken away.[10]

TJ then tells them that the next Face-off will be the last one, and the only people who will be competing in it are the ones who do not have keys, which shocks the entire cast. This leaves KellyAnne, Evelyn, Johanna, and Dan competing in the last Face-off. KellyAnne and Evelyn are excited because they know that they will get to take a key from anybody if either one of them wins. Meanwhile, Johnny's alliance is dreading the thought of Evelyn or KellyAnne winning, and hopes Dan or Johanna wins.[10]

  • Face-off: Timber
  • Participants: Colie, Johanna, Ryan
  • Face-off winner: Ryan (takes KellyAnne's key)
  • Saved: Johanna
  • Voted off: Colie (10-0)
  • Key holders: Derrick, Dunbar, Jenn, Johnny, Kenny, Paula, Robin, Ryan
8221'Sailing to Victory'October 29, 2008

Paula states she doesn't even feel like anyone could win the next Face-off except Evelyn, and fears that Johnny's key will be taken. Kenny also fears his key will be taken from him. Evelyn states that ever since the rules changed, she's become popular on the challenge again because Dunbar, Kenny, and many other alliance members are sucking up to her in an attempt to save their keys. Johnny fears that the only person who has the potential to win, Dan, will not be able to win because he has been by Evelyn before and has been drunk the entire challenge.[5]

At the final Face-off, Water Bound, KellyAnne states she is a person who is not easily scared, but she's extremely scared of drowning in water. Dan also admits that drowning is one of his biggest fears. Johanna feels confident and says water challenges are her specialty. The winner will win a $3,000 Shell Gas gift card. Dan loses the Face-off first, stating that he ran out of breath before even reaching the ocean floor, and therefore had to let go of the weight to swim towards the surface. Dan is no longer eligible to win a key, and is eliminated from the game, even though he's still on The Island. After several times of going under and re-surfacing, KellyAnne lets go of the weight right before she reaches the surface, gasping for breath. She states she should've stuck with it until she passed out, and KellyAnne is eliminated from winning a key as well. Johanna loses the Face-off last, and she is eliminated from The Island as well. Evelyn wins the Face-off, the $3000 gas card, and the opportunity to take a key from anyone she would like to. KellyAnne feels more disappointed in failing herself than losing the Face-off, stating she didn't push herself as hard as she should have. Johanna is satisfied she gave it her all, and says 'you win some, you lose some'. Dan says he underestimated how hard this Face-off was. Paula ponders whether Evelyn will choose to follow her heart, and take out Johnny, or her brain, and take out someone else, stating she won't win if she takes Johnny's key. Kenny proposes a deal to Evelyn, saying that if she took someone else out instead of Johnny, it would be Evelyn, Kenny, Johnny, and Derrick in a boat. Evelyn is skeptical that Johnny will not allow her in their boat if she doesn't take his key.[5]

Johnny apologizes to Evelyn, stating he attacked her on a personal level which he regrets. Dunbar talks to Evelyn too, stating Johnny and Kenny are insincere because ten days ago they wanted her dead, and now that's she's in a position of power, they fear her. At the Elimination Ceremony, TJ dismisses Dan, KellyAnne, and Johanna and they are officially eliminated from The Island. He then calls Evelyn down to give her reasoning before making her decision. TJ tells the keyholders that now they must plead their case to Evelyn. Dunbar starts by saying that he's a strong competitor. Kenny says they've been on several challenges together and she knows he's good at these challenges. Robin says she can sail which is a huge advantage, and wants Evelyn on her boat. Ryan says he's happy that things turned around for her, and hopes she doesn't take his key. Johnny says he'll be honest and say he wasn't at all nice to Evelyn: He apologizes for any pain or heartache he caused her, and says he'll stay true to his word about putting her on his boat if she doesn't take his key. Paula says she'll give everything she can to win the challenge. Jenn says that her and Evelyn have been friends since The Inferno III, and that she knows that Evelyn's been through hell on The Island and would therefore like to see her win with her. Derrick says he appreciates the warrior that Evelyn has been on The Island, and wants her on his boat as the captain. Evelyn says that her decision was a lot more difficult than she expected it to be. She says that because Jenn, Robin, and Ryan have stood up for her, she wants to mark them as safe first, and says she could never take their keys. She marks Derrick, Kenny, and Paula safe next, saying that she knows Derrick and Kenny are strong because she and them have a challenge together before, and says Paula's safe because she genuinely apologized to her for everything that's happened. Her bottom two are Dunbar and Johnny. She says that while Johnny was pulling all the strings, Dunbar was supporting all the decisions Johnny made. She tells Johnny she doesn't know how sincere his apology is, and at some point you have to put an end to it. But she ultimately takes Dunbar's key, stating it's nothing personal and she's truly sorry. He says the only reason his key was taken is because the members of the alliance threw him under the bus and that he was their sacrificial lamb.[5]

TJ welcomes Evelyn to the final eight of the challenge, and then tells them that they must make their teams for the final challenge on the spot. After a dead silence, Paula realizes that Kenny made a deal to have Evelyn in his boat along with Johnny and Derrick, and begins to cry after realizing the double-crossing. She says that she got screwed over, and that Evelyn is actually worse than Johnny and Kenny for making that deal with them. The Red Boat will contain Derrick, Evelyn, Johnny, and Kenny and the Blue Boat will contain Jenn, Paula, Robin, and Ryan. Kenny and Evelyn try to convince Dunbar that they didn't throw him under the bus, and he states he can't believe he trusted people who were feeding him 'B.S.' the whole time. Dunbar tries to help the Blue Team win by finishing their boat with them. The Red Team struggles to try to finish their boat and it is not nearly as built as the Blue Boat.[5]

The next day, the contestants receive their final drop-off which contains the final boat pieces and the directions they need to get the island. Dunbar helps the Blue Team, while fellow eliminated players KellyAnne, Johanna, and Dan remain neutral and help both sides. The Red Team finishes their boat first, and Evelyn says that even though she 'sold her soul to the devil', Johnny, her team is very strong. With help from Dunbar, KellyAnne, Johanna, and Dan, the Blue Team finishes their boat quickly after the Red Team. The Red Team has trouble balancing their boat, and they nearly tip over. Kenny states he's excited about being ahead, but it bothers him that Paula's not on the boat with them. The Blue Team's sail falls over because it is not secure enough, and they must resecure it before continuing. The Red Boat makes it to the island first, and they all put their keys into the corresponding locks to reveal the 300,000-dollar prize. They all celebrate their individual earnings of $75,000, and wait for the Blue Team to arrive. Paula and Robin tearfully break down after losing yet another final challenge, and Paula says that she's never had friends who have betrayed her like this before. Kenny says the victory is sweet, but salty because he had to choose between his good friend, Johnny, and his good friend, Paula. The remaining eight reminisce about their time, and how they've learned about themselves from this journey.[5]

  • Face-off: Water Bound
  • Face-off Participants: Dan, Evelyn, Johanna, KellyAnne
  • Face-off Winner: Evelyn (takes Dunbar's key)
  • Reward Winner(s): Evelyn ($3,000 Shell gift card)
  • Eliminated: Dan, KellyAnne, Johanna, Dunbar
  • Key Holders: Derrick, Evelyn, Jenn, Johnny, Kenny, Paula, Robin, Ryan
  • Final Race
    • Red Boat: Derrick, Evelyn, Johnny, Kenny
    • Blue Boat: Jenn, Paula, Robin, Ryan
  • Winners: Derrick, Evelyn, Johnny, Kenny

Reunion special[edit]

The Island Reunion: The Final Face Off was aired on November 5, 2008 and was hosted by Carlos Santos from MTV Tres. The cast members who attended were (in order they were presented) Johanna, Paula, Kenny, Derrick, Johnny, Evelyn, Ryan, Jenn, KellyAnne and Robin. A promo from the upcoming The Real World: Brooklyn season is shown, thus ending the reunion.[11]


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