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I'm about to upgrade my 1512+ to a 1618+ because it's been a great NAS and I'd like to have the ability to run a Windows VM on it. Since I'm going to have the old one laying around anyway I was thinking of getting some home surveillance cameras and using it for storage. I upgraded the drives last year and still have the old ones so I don't need any new hardware for now, other than the cameras.

Synology Surveillance Station License Keygen Generator - DOWNLOAD 1159b5a9f9 Synology ip camera license pack keygen Synology push out additional firmware updates in the future that disable additional components of their operating system.

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  1. What is a NAS Camera Licence and what do they do? Many users buy a NAS solution to fulfil a surveillance need in their home or business. Both Synology and QNAP arrive with comprehensive Surveillance solutions – both called Surveillance station (though different software), that provide excellent NVR support.They feature: Real Time network video monitoring Multiple.
  2. The 4-Camera License Key from Synology allows you to add 4 cameras to your Synology Surveillance Station. By applying the license key on the Surveillance Station user interface, you can set up and manage the additional cameras on your network.

The sticking point is that after the 2 free cameras it's ~$50/camera. Is Surveillance Station really that good? Seems like if I'm eventually going to have a bunch of cameras then I might be better off investing in a different system that doesn't have a high additional license cost.


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I do not hold this person responsible for what appears to be such a high price for licensing. I believe it is entirely a Synology issue. Nonetheless, I will say that this person who has sold the license to me was very helpful by being quick to respond to my question and upon purchasing, sent me my license in my email within a couple of minutes tops.Here is the key for all who would purchase this license: You may end up searching all over the Internet for the best pricing for these licenses. I did. This is the best price and you get the license immediately if you request it.I do not think that the price is a good value but it is the least expensive available out there. Unfortunately, there is very little competition out there which would have driven the costs down.Nonetheless, this is the definitive place to get your license right now and you don't need to go around wasting your time. Just get it here and do not blame the person for what appears to be such a high price when others are charging sugnificantlymore and you will have to wait days for the license to come in via snail mail.I hope this helps.

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