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I am new to Oracle and want to practice SQL. I downloaded the Application Express Edition 11g for Windows x64. I followed instructions and created a workspace and user. However when I try to cr. Oracle 11g Application Express Apexadmin Page Blank (Doc ID 1130158.1) Last updated on JULY 16, 2019. Applies to: Oracle Database - Enterprise Edition - Version and later.

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Today I installed Oracle 11g ( on my machine. I did not realize that Oracle APEX is a part of the standard database components.

So after the 11g installation, I just follow simple steps (shown later below) for the post-installation. In order to access the APEX application, either the embedded PL/SQL gateway or Oracle HTTP server with mod_plsql is needed. For simplicity, I’ve decided to go with the former. By using the embedded PL/SQL gateway, it will run using the Oracle XML DB HTTP server which is already in Oracle database, so there is no need to install a separate HTTP server. The Oracle’s document here explains about this as well as provides the detailed information on the post-installation.

To configure the embedded PL/SQL gateway:

1. Go to the $ORACLE_HOME/apex directory.

2. Use SQL/Plus to connect as SYS to 11g database where APEX is installed.

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3. Unlock the ANONYMOUS account.

4. Enable Oracle XML DB HTTP server

5. We’re now ready to access APEX.

http://host:port/apex/apex_admin — for admin page

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Port in this case is 8080 which is the default.

Note that the format of URL is a little bit different from when using HTTP server with mod_plsql –

http://host:port/pls/apex/apex_admin — for admin page

Also the SQL Developer 1.1.3 is included under “sqldeveloper” directory of ORACLE HOME. So just double-click at sqldeveloper.exe to launch application.

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Oracle application express 11g download


Oracle APEX 19.1 is fully supported through Oracle Support Services on all Editions (EE, SE2, SE, and SE1) of the Oracle database, or higher with a valid Oracle Database Technical Support agreement.

Oracle Application Express 4.0

APEX 19.1 can also be used with Oracle Database 18c Express Edition (XE), but is supported only through the OTN discussion forum, and not through Oracle Support Services. For more information on upgrading APEX within Oracle XE go to the installtion guides for Linux or Windows.

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