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Year / Release Date : 2009
Version : v2.2.0
Developer : ReFX
Developer’s site : ReFX
Format : VSTi, RTAS
Bit depth : 32bit
Tabletka : not required
System requirements :
VST or AAX host software
Pentium class 1.5 GHz processor with SSE2 support
2GB of RAM (8GB or more highly recommended)
Display with 1024-by-768 or higher resolution
Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10

Nexus is a next generation ROM synthesizer.

Nexus delivers complex, ultra-fat, contemporary soundstorms. A powerful and flexible architecture is the foundation that supports the immediately useful and spontaneously engaging design of the instrument. Every aspect of Nexus was built to produce music of the highest quality, quickly, with the least amount of fuss.

Nexus features a 32-step arpeggiator with note-transposition, a 32-step trance gate, reverb licensed from Arts Acoustic, and a sophisticated modulation-matrix that will help you sculpt the sound.

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Nexus includes a comprehensive 4GB library of over 880 sounds driven by a friendly internal librarian to find the exact sound you need in the heat of the creative moment. Features like search, favorites, and categorization are standard not only in the factory library but in all available expansions. Nexus offers an array of expansions covering a wide gamut of contemporary music styles and produced by the worlds top sound designers.

Nexus is very frugal with the CPU and careful with your RAM.

Nexus is an accessible instrument with contrast controls and several skins available which can change the appearance from black, to blue, to C64 beige…


It is recommended to save the ReFX Nexus folder from the distribution right to the root of the disk, without additional subfolders and Russian (Cyrillic).
For example: D: ReFX Nexus
1. Run (on behalf of the administrator) the Nexus v2.2.0.exe file and install
2. Run (as administrator) the AiR eLicenser Emulator.exe file and install
3. Download Nexus to DAW and wait for the end of scanning and searching for files for Nexus

Nexus cracked torrent

Nexus Fl Studio Torrent

Additional Information

This distribution is REPACK. Presets are collected from different sites and different manufacturers, including custom + also official extensions.

Installed Expansion:

ReFX Nexus 2 Dance Vol 3 Expansion
ReFX Nexus 2 HandsUp Electro Bass Expansion
ReFX Nexus 2 HandsUp Electro Bass Vol 2 Expansion
ReFX Nexus 2 Omnicron Expansion
ReFX Nexus 2 Pop Expansion
ReFX Nexus 2 Rom Extension Expansion
ReFX Nexus 2 SID Expansion
ReFX Nexus 2 Vintage DrumKits Expansion
ReFX Nexus 2 Vocoder Expansion
ReFX Nexus Analog Expansion
ReFX Nexus Bass Expansion
ReFX Nexus Bigtone Signature 2 Expansion
ReFX Nexus Bigtone Signature 3 Expansion
ReFX Nexus Bigtone Signature Expansion
ReFX Nexus Crank Expansion
ReFX Nexus Dance Drums Expansion
ReFX Nexus Guitars Expansion
ReFX Nexus Hardstyle Expansion
Refx Nexus Melody Loops RED
ReFX Nexus Minimal House 1 Expansion
ReFX Nexus Minimal House 2 Expansion
ReFX Nexus Perpetual Motion Expansion
ReFX Nexus Peter Siedlaczeks Total Piano Expansion
reFX Nexus Psytrance Expansion
reFX Nexus Store n Forward Expansion
ReFX Nexus Stratosphere Expansion
XP Dance Orchestra
XP Dance vol.1
XP House vol.1
XP Xmas
+ ReFX Library Nexus v2.2 Air (3.2 GB)
+ Over 13,500 presets

Nexus 2 Torrent Download

Nexus Cracked Torrent 2

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ReFx Nexus 2.2 Full version with Presets Packs & Skins (Size: 7.45 GB)
AtmoDick4.nxs45.21 MB
AtmoDick5.nxs38.59 MB
Holy B.nxs37.93 MB
generic.nxs36.95 MB
COcPad.nxs36.76 MB
Crying Angels.nxs36.34 MB
LPacific.nxs33.73 MB
Feed Guitar2.nxs33.23 MB
FRiseEP.nxs31.32 MB
SQSawUnite.nxs31.26 MB
PianoFF.nxs24.19 MB
PianoMP.nxs11.61 MB
POP Deep Strings ff.nxs9.65 MB
POP deep strings pp.nxs9.07 MB
POP fullbrass nx.nxs7.54 MB
POP mellostrng.nxs6.98 MB
POP breathy metal nx.nxs6.8 MB
choir2.nxs6.73 MB
Crystal Ball2.nxs6.68 MB
POP mutedtrumps nx.nxs6.59 MB
FBFuzzyy.nxs18.94 MB
Oktober2.nxs15.17 MB
BA Tobey Darell2.nxs11.59 MB
AndBig5.nxs11.12 MB
SPSQ.nxs10.95 MB
Horns Layer.nxs9.09 MB
DixOldOne.nxs9.07 MB
DixKLaxx.nxs8.96 MB
DixAlter.nxs8.94 MB
DixGB.nxs8.58 MB
FDist2.nxs18.54 MB
SessionOpenBass.nxs17.9 MB
SG Amped.nxs17.79 MB
SG Trem.nxs14.07 MB
SG Ethno.nxs13.79 MB
SG Mellow.nxs13.51 MB
BigDisto1.nxs12.87 MB
SG Nylon1.nxs11.13 MB
SG Nylon2.nxs11.05 MB
MicroSyn.nxs8.54 MB
Mbass LFO i.nxs18.34 MB
Poco Lead 2 i.nxs18.15 MB
Tileadv5 ii.nxs17.05 MB
Flustern i.nxs16.36 MB
poco lead3.nxs15.9 MB
JPLead1 i.nxs15.73 MB
Ti LeadV6ii.nxs15.22 MB
ME pad2.nxs15.19 MB
JPLead4SW i.nxs15.05 MB
AF Pad i.nxs15.02 MB
8pad.nxs16.52 MB
FSChoirSol.nxs16.52 MB
VirVerb.nxs16.06 MB
Beatypad.nxs15.79 MB
BigOpener.nxs14.77 MB
bellring.nxs14.41 MB
MysteryLayer1.nxs13.93 MB
PIZZICAT.nxs12.91 MB
Sqbasses3.nxs11.61 MB
Bellabell.nxs11.02 MB
partytime.nxs11.85 MB
BrePadFull.nxs10.1 MB
nlbrighteuro.nxs9.97 MB
BrePadPhasWave.nxs9.11 MB
HS PitchaR.nxs8.69 MB
ZIGZAG.nxs8.45 MB
leadtheway.nxs7.95 MB
RavingSociety.nxs7.64 MB
nlsharp.nxs7.5 MB
ChaosTrump.nxs7.07 MB
DomanBass.nxs11.27 MB
CrystalBass.nxs7.94 MB
AustraBass.nxs7.62 MB
MOOG4.nxs6.46 MB
Spectra1.nxs5.61 MB
BennySaw.nxs4.46 MB
Moog2.nxs4.32 MB
VengaChord.nxs3.48 MB
HousePercOrgan.nxs3.25 MB
MOOG1.nxs2.51 MB
DownlifterKicks1.nxs2.73 MB
DownlifterKicks6.nxs2.52 MB
DownlifterKicks9.nxs1.98 MB
DownlifterKicks2.nxs1.92 MB
DownlifterKicks4.nxs1.62 MB
DownlifterKicks10.nxs1.59 MB
DownlifterKicks5.nxs1.53 MB
CRASH1.nxs1.38 MB
FX5.nxs1.3 MB
DownlifterKicks3.nxs1.24 MB
silver.nsk675.83 KB
Cobalt.nsk367.74 KB
Black (matrix).nsk305.93 KB
Black (evil).nsk278.52 KB
Black (good).nsk276.37 KB
BA Roland Modular.fxp8.65 KB
BA Pryda PWM Bass.fxp8.65 KB
BA Screamaaaa.fxp8.65 KB
BA Septus Romanus.fxp8.65 KB
BA Sharoozbass.fxp8.65 KB
BA Shnapper.fxp8.65 KB
BA Show Me Love.fxp8.65 KB
BA Shroookers.fxp8.65 KB
BA Skreeeem Single.fxp8.65 KB
BA SQ Juno.fxp8.65 KB
BA Electro Mack 1.fxp7.65 KB
VO Wall E.fxp7.65 KB
SQ Time to Relax.fxp7.65 KB
SQ Spencer+Hill Bassline.fxp7.65 KB
SQ Pure Love.fxp7.65 KB
SQ Praydiz Sequence.fxp7.65 KB
SQ Plotter.fxp7.65 KB
SQ Nu Hands 3.fxp7.65 KB
SQ Nu Hands 2.fxp7.65 KB
SQ Nu Hands 1.fxp7.65 KB
BA FunnyBass 1.fxp7.65 KB
BA FunnyBass 2.fxp7.65 KB
BA Hard Bass.fxp7.65 KB
BA Juno Bass.fxp7.65 KB
BA Juno Pulse +.fxp7.65 KB
BA Juno Pulse.fxp7.65 KB
BA Lazy Bass.fxp7.65 KB
BA Matrix Bass.fxp7.65 KB
BA Muted Bass.fxp7.65 KB
BA Oitron Bass.fxp7.65 KB
AR Acidformat.fxp7.65 KB
AR Aerodynamik.fxp7.65 KB
AR Airwave.fxp7.65 KB
AR Aqua.fxp7.65 KB
AR Bon Voyage.fxp7.65 KB
AR Crassbass.fxp7.65 KB
AR Dance crazy.fxp7.65 KB
AR Galaxy.fxp7.65 KB
AR Gater.fxp7.65 KB
AR Lequid.fxp7.65 KB
AR Big Love.fxp7.65 KB
AR Brass Arps.fxp7.65 KB
AR Coma Doors.fxp7.65 KB
AR Discofox.fxp7.65 KB
AR Gated Arp.fxp7.65 KB
AR Gated Folk.fxp7.65 KB
AR Gil Bates.fxp7.65 KB
AR Hand Jive.fxp7.65 KB
AR Liquid Sky.fxp7.65 KB
AR NED Arpeggio.fxp7.65 KB
AR York Mutes.fxp7.65 KB
AR Whistling Sines.fxp7.65 KB
AR Warpcore.fxp7.65 KB
AR Viral Infection 2.fxp7.65 KB
AR Viral Infection 1.fxp7.65 KB
AR TriMorph Sequence.fxp7.65 KB
AR TeeBee Band.fxp7.65 KB
AR Synth Heaven.fxp7.65 KB
AR String Runs.fxp7.65 KB
AR Squarpeggio.fxp7.65 KB
BR Hollywood Brass.fxp7.65 KB
CL Angels Harp.fxp7.65 KB
CL Flute and Strings.fxp7.65 KB
CL Grandma's AM Radio 1.fxp7.65 KB
CL Grandma's AM Radio 2.fxp7.65 KB
CL Orchester and Choir.fxp7.65 KB
CL Platinum Hit.fxp7.65 KB
CL Soft Orchester.fxp7.65 KB
CL Soft Piano and Guitars.fxp7.65 KB
CL StringChoir Ensemble.fxp7.65 KB
LD A Simple Saw.fxp7.65 KB
LD Accelerator.fxp7.65 KB
LD Adagio.fxp7.65 KB
LD Another World.fxp7.65 KB
LD Arpeggiate me.fxp7.65 KB
LD Butterfield.fxp7.65 KB
LD Buzz Me!.fxp7.65 KB
LD Cheap Trancelead.fxp7.65 KB
LD Cheesy Madness.fxp7.65 KB
LD Come with me 1.fxp7.65 KB
AR Roulette A.fxp7.65 KB
AR Roulette B.fxp7.65 KB
AR Tribal Gee B.fxp7.65 KB
AR Sidechain Pumpin A.fxp7.65 KB
AR After Midnight 1 A.fxp7.65 KB
AR Shakin Sunrays A.fxp7.65 KB
AR After Midnight 1 B.fxp7.65 KB
AR After Midnight 2 A.fxp7.65 KB
AR Benny Dance Seq A.fxp7.65 KB
AR Benny Dance Seq B.fxp7.65 KB
PD Airwave TranceSaws 1.fxp7.65 KB
PD Airwave TranceSaws 2.fxp7.65 KB
PD Amberglance.fxp7.65 KB
PD Analog meets Digital.fxp7.65 KB
PD Andromeda Pad.fxp7.65 KB
PD Bellizee.fxp7.65 KB
PD Borellian Afterglow.fxp7.65 KB
PD Calm down.fxp7.65 KB
PD Chillin Bells.fxp7.65 KB
PD Chimes in Space.fxp7.65 KB
SY All oldschool together.fxp7.65 KB
SY Arabian Nights 1.fxp7.65 KB
SY Arabian Nights 2.fxp7.65 KB
SY Arpotron.fxp7.65 KB
SY Bellyzee.fxp7.65 KB
SY Big Bells.fxp7.65 KB
SY Carribean Dream.fxp7.65 KB
SY Chillzone 1.fxp7.65 KB
SY Chillzone 2.fxp7.65 KB
SY Cosmic Dreamer.fxp7.65 KB
TG 4 LayerGate.fxp7.65 KB
TG Analog Voice Hack.fxp7.65 KB
TG Back to the Roots.fxp7.65 KB
TG Bandpass Terror.fxp7.65 KB
TG Complexity 1.fxp7.65 KB
TG Deceptor.fxp7.65 KB
TG Evergreen.fxp7.65 KB
TG Gate n Glide.fxp7.65 KB
TG Gated Split.fxp7.65 KB
TG Interrogate.fxp7.65 KB
PN Arena Ambience.fxp7.65 KB
PN Ballad Epiano 1.fxp7.65 KB
PN Ballad Epiano 2.fxp7.65 KB
PN Ballad Epiano 3.fxp7.65 KB
PN Ballad Grand Piano.fxp7.65 KB
PN Dancepiano 2k7.fxp7.65 KB
PN Delayed Piano.fxp7.65 KB
PN Digipiano.fxp7.65 KB
PN Distorted Piano Strings.fxp7.65 KB
PN DX Era.fxp7.65 KB
PL 80s Balladbell.fxp7.65 KB
PL Amberpikes.fxp7.65 KB
PL Beauty Combi.fxp7.65 KB
PL BellStrings.fxp7.65 KB
PL Bit Stylez.fxp7.65 KB
PL Creamalogue.fxp7.65 KB
PL Dance Seq.fxp7.65 KB
PL Digital Xylophone.fxp7.65 KB
PL Dr Chaotica.fxp7.65 KB
PL Dyk Pikes.fxp7.65 KB
LD Andro default Saw.fxp7.65 KB
LD Attack Lead 1.fxp7.65 KB
LD Attack Lead 2.fxp7.65 KB
LD Attack Lead 3.fxp7.65 KB
LD Attack Lead 4.fxp7.65 KB
LD Brass 1.fxp7.65 KB
LD Brass 2.fxp7.65 KB
LD Brass 3.fxp7.65 KB
LD Chord Lead 1.fxp7.65 KB
LD Chord Lead 2.fxp7.65 KB
PD Aeropad.fxp7.65 KB
PD Ambient Pad 1.fxp7.65 KB
PD Ambient Pad 2.fxp7.65 KB
PD Ambient Pad 3.fxp7.65 KB
PD Ambient Pad 4.fxp7.65 KB
PD Ambient Pad 5.fxp7.65 KB
PD Ambient Pad 6.fxp7.65 KB
PD Ambient Pad 7.fxp7.65 KB
PD Ambient Pad 8.fxp7.65 KB
PD Bellpad 1.fxp7.65 KB
AR Finest TranceStuff.fxp7.65 KB
AR Analog Phaser.fxp7.65 KB
WW Chinese Empire.fxp7.65 KB
VO Korgawai.fxp7.65 KB
VO Formant Choir 2.fxp7.65 KB
VO Formant Choir 1.fxp7.65 KB
VO Binary Real 2.fxp7.65 KB
VO Binary Real 1.fxp7.65 KB
VO Binary Golden Tone.fxp7.65 KB
TG Wraith.fxp7.65 KB
VO Voiceflute.fxp7.65 KB
VO Synthi Vox.fxp7.65 KB
VO Vocoderpad.fxp7.65 KB
VO Synthetic Wires.fxp7.65 KB
VO Voicetoy.fxp7.65 KB
VO Whistling Monks.fxp7.65 KB
VO VX Voicepad.fxp7.65 KB
VO Voicy Flutes.fxp7.65 KB
VO Symphonic Choir.fxp7.65 KB
VO Monastery.fxp7.65 KB
FX War behind the Hill.fxp7.65 KB
FX Unknown Lifeforms.fxp7.65 KB
FX Talos.fxp7.65 KB
FX Spacewreck.fxp7.65 KB
FX Siren Torture.fxp7.65 KB
FX Shodan.fxp7.65 KB
FX Shaker Line.fxp7.65 KB
FX Realm of Zardoz.fxp7.65 KB
FX Pulsor 2.fxp7.65 KB
FX Pulsor 1.fxp7.65 KB
BR Technotemple.fxp7.65 KB
BR Synth Brass 2.fxp7.65 KB
BR Synth Brass 1.fxp7.65 KB
BR Swell Synthbrass.fxp7.65 KB
BR Soft Brass 2.fxp7.65 KB
BR Soft Brass 1.fxp7.65 KB
BR Ober Stack.fxp7.65 KB
BR Native Synthbrass.fxp7.65 KB
BR Mixed Synth and Real.fxp7.65 KB
BR Massive Bigband.fxp7.65 KB
SQ Warm Mutes.fxp7.65 KB
SQ Two Finger Madness 3.fxp7.65 KB
SQ Two Finger Madness 2.fxp7.65 KB
SQ Two Finger Madness 1.fxp7.65 KB
SQ Tribal Gee.fxp7.65 KB
SQ Till I come.fxp7.65 KB
SQ Theo Highnoise.fxp7.65 KB
SQ The Beach.fxp7.65 KB
SQ Symphony in Gminor.fxp7.65 KB
SQ Solitude.fxp7.65 KB
DL Full Breakbeats 4.fxp1.38 KB
DL Full Breakbeats 3.fxp1.38 KB
DL Full Breakbeats 6.fxp1.38 KB
DL Full Breakbeats 20.fxp1.38 KB
DL Full Breakbeats 5.fxp1.38 KB
DL Full Breakbeats 8.fxp1.38 KB
DL Full Breakbeats 9.fxp1.38 KB
DL Full Breakbeats 7.fxp1.38 KB
DL Full Drums Dance 10.fxp1.38 KB
DL Full Drums Dance 11.fxp1.38 KB
DR Bongos 1.fxp1.38 KB
DR Bongos 2.fxp1.38 KB
DR Bongos 3.fxp1.38 KB
DR Bongos 4.fxp1.38 KB
DR Bongos 5.fxp1.38 KB
DR Bongos 6.fxp1.38 KB
DR Claps 1.fxp1.38 KB
DR Claps 10.fxp1.38 KB
DR Claps 2.fxp1.38 KB
DR Claps 3.fxp1.38 KB
SY Barbwire.fxp1.38 KB
LD Reflex 1.fxp1.38 KB
TG Little Raver.fxp1.38 KB
AR Breaknoize.fxp1.38 KB
TG Stutterpad.fxp1.38 KB
TG Fragmental Voices.fxp1.38 KB
SYN Soft Teebee.fxp1.38 KB
SYN Hard Teebee.fxp1.38 KB
SY Zig Zag.fxp1.38 KB
SY Yamato.fxp1.38 KB
AR Gipsy.fxp1.38 KB
AR Problematique.fxp1.38 KB
AR Raging Fist.fxp1.38 KB
AR Tremolo Backing.fxp1.38 KB
AR Washburn Riffs SQ.fxp1.38 KB
BA Chugged Bass.fxp1.38 KB
BA Deep n Low Guitar.fxp1.38 KB
BA E-Bass 1.fxp1.38 KB
BA E-Bass 2.fxp1.38 KB
BA E-Bass 3.fxp1.38 KB
XFX Bit Notch.nfx960 bytes
XFX 32 Stage Phaser.nfx960 bytes
XFX Bad Ass.nfx960 bytes
XFX Crush Flanger 1.nfx960 bytes
XFX Bit Smasher.nfx960 bytes
XFX Chorus Crush.nfx960 bytes
XFX Detuned Lead.nfx960 bytes
XFX Crush Flanger 2.nfx960 bytes
XFX Derb Lead.nfx960 bytes
XFX Double Distortion.nfx960 bytes
Velo Guitar.nap480 bytes
RWArpeggio 5.nap480 bytes
RWArpeggio 6.nap480 bytes
RWArpeggio 7.nap480 bytes
Trieste.nap480 bytes
After Midnight 2.nap480 bytes
After Midnight.nap480 bytes
Bass Basics.nap480 bytes
Bassline 1.nap480 bytes
Bassline 2.nap480 bytes
RWgate 5.ntp368 bytes
Delayed 2.ntp368 bytes
Alien Font 1.ntp368 bytes
Trance Rhythmix 3.ntp368 bytes
Trance Rhythmix 2.ntp368 bytes
Trance Rhythmix 1.ntp368 bytes
Stutting Saw.ntp368 bytes
Stopper.ntp368 bytes
Stereo Toy 6.ntp368 bytes
Stereo Toy 5.ntp368 bytes
DATA.ndb263.88 KB
nexus2.jpg35.19 KB
REFX.ico19.06 KB
Nexus 2 Setup.exe14.65 MB
Nexus 2 Manual English.pdf2.43 MB
autorun.exe117.31 KB
installation.txt936 bytes
desktop.ini425 bytes
autorun.inf139 bytes
DR Low Kicks 6.fxp1.38 KB
DR Bongos 1.fxp1.38 KB
DR Bongos 2.fxp1.38 KB
DR Bongos 3.fxp1.38 KB
DR Bongos 4.fxp1.38 KB
DR Bongos 5.fxp1.38 KB
DR Bongos 6.fxp1.38 KB
DR Claps 1.fxp1.38 KB
DR Claps 10.fxp1.38 KB
DR Claps 2.fxp1.38 KB
DL Bongo Loops 1.fxp1.38 KB
DL Bongo Loops 10.fxp1.38 KB
DL Bongo Loops 2.fxp1.38 KB
DL Bongo Loops 3.fxp1.38 KB
DL Bongo Loops 4.fxp1.38 KB
DL Bongo Loops 5.fxp1.38 KB
DL Bongo Loops 6.fxp1.38 KB
DL Bongo Loops 7.fxp1.38 KB
DL Bongo Loops 8.fxp1.38 KB
DL Bongo Loops 9.fxp1.38 KB
DownlifterKicks1.nxs2.73 MB
DownlifterKicks6.nxs2.52 MB
DownlifterKicks9.nxs1.98 MB
DownlifterKicks2.nxs1.92 MB
DownlifterKicks4.nxs1.62 MB
DownlifterKicks10.nxs1.59 MB
DownlifterKicks5.nxs1.53 MB
CRASH1.nxs1.38 MB
FX5.nxs1.3 MB
DownlifterKicks3.nxs1.24 MB
Never Forgotten.mp313.98 MB
Alive (Dose Mix).mp310.79 MB
Dead Man's Party (Illegal Version).mp39.62 MB
THE S1ND1CATE.jpg534.48 KB
Nexus_Expansion_Guitars.nxp500.61 MB
Nexus2_Expansion_Omicron.nxp647.01 MB
AiR eLicenser Emulator Setup.exe2.16 MB
Nexus2_Expansion_Pop.nxp374.87 MB
AiR eLicenser Emulator Setup.exe2.16 MB
DownlifterKicks1.nxs2.73 MB
DownlifterKicks6.nxs2.52 MB
DownlifterKicks9.nxs1.98 MB
DownlifterKicks2.nxs1.92 MB
DownlifterKicks4.nxs1.62 MB
DownlifterKicks10.nxs1.59 MB
DownlifterKicks5.nxs1.53 MB
CRASH1.nxs1.38 MB
FX5.nxs1.3 MB
DownlifterKicks3.nxs1.24 MB
DR Trance Kicks 9.fxp1.38 KB
DR Trance Kicks 8.fxp1.38 KB
DR Trance Kicks 7.fxp1.38 KB
DR Trance Kicks 6.fxp1.38 KB
DR Trance Kicks 5.fxp1.38 KB
DR Trance Kicks 4.fxp1.38 KB
DR Trance Kicks 3.fxp1.38 KB
DR Trance Kicks 2.fxp1.38 KB
DR Trance Kicks 13.fxp1.38 KB
DR Trance Kicks 12.fxp1.38 KB
DL Full Drums House 1.fxp1.38 KB
DL Hihat Line Closed 6.fxp1.38 KB
DL Hihat Line Closed 7.fxp1.38 KB
DL Hihat Line Open 1.fxp1.38 KB
DL Bongo Loops 1.fxp1.38 KB
DL Bongo Loops 10.fxp1.38 KB
DL Bongo Loops 2.fxp1.38 KB
DL Bongo Loops 3.fxp1.38 KB
DL Bongo Loops 4.fxp1.38 KB
DL Bongo Loops 5.fxp1.38 KB
XP Dance Drums.nxp47.07 MB
XP Dance Drums.nxp47.07 MB
Nexus_Skin_T-Bee.nsk654.26 KB
Nexus_Skin_Bill_Killed.nsk429.09 KB
Nexus_Skin_Cobalt.nsk400.65 KB
Nexus_Skin_Lime.nsk371.3 KB
Nexus_Skin_Killer_Tomato.nsk364.03 KB
Nexus_Skin_Vengeance.nsk304.6 KB
Nexus_Skin_Black_(evil).nsk243.31 KB
Nexus_Skin_Black_(good).nsk242.92 KB
Nexus_Expansion_Hardstyle.nxp289.59 MB
readme_first.txt5.94 KB
amplify.nfo5.03 KB KB
info.txt603 bytes
Nexus2_Expansion_HandsUp-Electro_Bass.nxp71.35 MB


ReFx Nexus 2.2 Full version with Presets Packs & Skins
Download & Follow the instruction to install
and don't forgate to seed :)

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