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You can also email the Illinois Secretary of State. And they usually get back withing 24 hours! According to the Illinois Secretary of State, The “FP” code stands for FLEET PLATE; issued to companies like Comcast, Enterprise Leasing, CILCO, Hertz, etc. Here are some other Illinois plates you may not be familiar with. The same ways can be used to perform Illinois License Plate Lookup as well. You can access the Illinois license plate or vehicle information you need by requesting for it in person, via mail or online. You can also make a request for Illinois License Plate Lookup over the phone.

A new license plate will cost approximately $101 dollars inIllinois.

In the state of Illinois, you not only get to choose a custom message for a personalized license plate, but you also get to select a plate design. There are dozens of different plate designs, which let you cheer on your favorite sports team, represent your alma mater, or support an organization or cause that you feel strongly about. A basic Illinois drivers license fee is $30. With some exceptions, (based on age) the license is for four years and will expire on your birthday. How much does it cost to transfer plates and title.

How much do new license plates cost?

How much does it cost the new york state government to make license plates?

Do parking tickets on old license plates follow new license plates?

Tickets don't go against your license plates - they go against your actual license.

How much does a liquor license cost in New Mexico?

A liquor license in New Mexico can cost up to $1 million dollars. New Mexico has one of the most expensive liquor license costs.

When do Ohio license plates expire?

Ohio License plates don't expire, instead it is the registration that expires. You will have to apply a new tag to the plates every year.

Who makes New Hampshire's license plates?

The license Plates of New Hampshire that Read 'Live Free or Die' are manufactured by prisoners in the state prison of Concord

How much does an AutoCAD license cost?

Approximately $4,000 for a new license, or $600 for an upgrade from a previous version.

How long to have to register for new plates?

at the end of the month shown on the sticker on your license plates

Do license plates expire on the date on the sticker?

License plates expire on the date that is on the stick that the DMV sends you. It is important to get new license plates before that date, so you do not get pulled over for having expired tags.

New Portugal license?

License.. for marriage, forming a company, license plates?.. Please be more specific.

How much does a new drivers license cost?

As much as it costs. Fees vary between jurisdiction, and will also be dependent on class of license and endorsements.

How much does a regular brand new license plate cost?

Is it necessary to surrender out of state license plates when registering a car in California?

Not necessarily your plates, but you will have to surrender your old drivers license when you are issued your new one.

How many license plates do you need in new york?

you need two. A front license plate and a back license plate.

How much does a new license plate in Colorado cost?

March 18, 2019

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If you have a legitimate reason to track down the owner of a car under the Driver Privacy Protection Act, you can file an Information Request Form with the Secretary of State of Illinois. File an Information Request Form (VSD 375), found on the Illinois Secretary of State's website.

March 18, 2019

If you have a legitimate reason to track down the owner of a car under the Driver Privacy Protection Act, you can file an Information Request Form with the Secretary of State of Illinois. You can find this form, VSD 354, on the Secretary of State's website.

License Plate Lookup

Illinois Plate Lookup Limitations

The federal Driver Privacy Protection Act (18 U.S.C. sec. 2721 et seq.) has had an impact on license plate lookups in many states, including Illinois. The law prohibits states from disclosing the name, address and other personal information of a car owner without the person's permission.


Lost Front License Plate Illinois

The law sets up a fairly long list of exceptions of agencies and people to whom states can release personal information and the circumstances in which the information can be released. The exceptions include use by governmental agencies, matters of motor vehicle or driver safety and theft, and the use of the information in a court action or even in anticipation of litigation.

Illinois License Plate Search

Illinois tracks down the owner of a car by essentially running a license plate search for you. That is, you provide a license number, and the state provides title or registration information, such as the owner's name and information. However, you must affirm that your reason for seeking the information is permissible under the Driver Privacy Protection Act.

Finding the Correct Form

The form is called VSD 375. You can find it on the Secretary of State's website. Be aware, however, that the website isn't called 'Illinois Secretary of' or anything you might expect. The website's name is

From the website home page, click on the 'Publications/Forms' tab on the top of the page, then on 'Motorist,' followed by 'Title and Registration.' The form is called 'Secretary of State Information Request Form, VSD 375.'

Secretary of State Information Request Form VSD 375

Download and open VSD 375, and then print and complete it. Enter your name and address, then pick the search you want: title, registration, certified title or certified registration. Each has a different fee, ranging from $5 to $10. Enter credit card information to pay the fee.

Filling Out the Request Form

In the next section, provide whatever information you have about the vehicle or driver. If all you have is the license number, fill it in. You can also put in the VIN, the year and make of the car and/or the owner of the vehicle.

Finally, you must state the exception to the Driver Privacy Protection Act under which your request falls. You also must give the reason you want the information. When finished, send the application to: Secretary of State, Record Inquiry Section, 501 S. Second St., Rm. 408, Springfield, IL 62756-8888.

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