Hack A Phone Using Bluetooth

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Using MultiBlue to Hack a Mobile Device. We recently began an exploration of ways to hack using the Bluetooth protocol.As you know, Bluetooth is a protocol that connects near field devices such as headsets, speakers, and keyboards. Hello guys, today i am share with you how to hack android phone using Bluetooth.There are many types of Bluetooth Softwares to hack android phones.These software are very efficient and can hack any Bluetooth enabled device without any prior knowledge of user. How To Hack Android Phone Using Bluetooth 2017.

Part 1: How to clone a phone remotely using Bluetooth?

When you intend to install the application, you should be using a phone that has the Java Bluetooth API implemented. Features: Reading phonebooks Writing phonebook entries Reading/decoding SMS stored on the device Setting call forward Initiating phone call How To Hack Bluetooth And Other Wireless Tools Using Kali Linux. Method on Hacking Android Mobile Phones Via Internet. I’m pretty sure there were many times you wished you could somehow get to know what the other person is hiding from you (happens often in relationships) and how you could hack into their mobile and see the contents of their mobile such as their messages, multimedia files (photos & videos), contacts, delivery reports etc.

The first solution to how to clone a phone without touching it involves the use of a third-party tool that exploits vulnerability on the target device. If the device that you wish to hack hasn’t been updated in a while, then chances are it might be vulnerable to a Bluetooth security attack. There are several freely available tools out there that can exploit this loophole and take a complete control on the device. In this way, you can learn how to clone a phone remotely.

Hack Phone Via Bluetooth Without Permission Apk

1. Firstly, download a Bluetooth hacking tool on your system. There are lots of third-party tools out there that you can use. For instance, Super Bluetooth Hack 1.08 can be used to perform the same task effectively.

Hack A Phone Using Bluetooth

2. Download Super Bluetooth Hack 1.08 from below and install it on your system. You can also use its APK version to install it on any other Android device.


Download URL: http://mobile.brothersoft.com/super_bluetooth_hack-135_java.html

3. While installing the app, you would be asked a passcode. It would be either “1234” or “0000”.

4. Now, turn on the Bluetooth on your device and connect it to the target phone. Both the devices should be in close proximity.

Hack A Phone Through Bluetooth

5. After connecting both the devices, the tool will exploit its vulnerability and provide all the crucial information related to it.

6. In this way, you would be able to access the target device’s call logs, messages, keystrokes, and more without touching it.

By following these steps, you would be able to learn how to clone someone’s phone without them knowing via Bluetooth.


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