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Learn how to add the fun way with Fruit Splat Addition math game. Game not showing up? Other problems? Go to our: FAQ & Help page. Math is about practice! This arcade style math game will help kids learn to addition the fun way. Keep track of your score and try to do better each time you play. Take a spoon and have the kids help you toss the fruit around the bowl. Give them each a small handful of coconut and allow them to sprinkle it over the fruit. Whisk the honey and lime juice together. Pour mixture over salad. Cover with plastic wrap & chill for 20 minutes; Tropical Fruit Lesson Plan.

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Fruit salad is more than just a healthy treat—it's also a great way to teach your child important math skills! In this activity, kids practice their counting and sorting skills as they give a helping hand in the kitchen. The end result is a delicious and nutritious fruit salad that's sure to appeal to any pallet.

What You Need:

  • 5 colorful fruits such as: blueberries, strawberries, melon, kiwis, mango, etc., at least 10 pieces of each
  • 5 small bowls
  • 1 large bowl
  • Tray or cutting board

What You Do:

  1. After you've cut and prepared the fruit, lay it all on a tray or cutting board and place it in front of your child. See how many different fruits she can recognize and name.
  2. Encourage her to separate each fruit into different bowls. Explain that the recipe requires ten pieces of each fruit. Can she help you make sure you have the right amount?
  3. When all the fruits are separated, talk to her about the different colors in each fruit. What different colors can she see? Are there any colors that are the same? Explain to her that each different color represents a different nutrient that our bodies need.
  4. Now, encourage her to pour each fruit into the big bowl, and help her mix everything together. Voila! She's made a delicious fruit salad.

When you're all done, don't forget to give the fruit salad a try. After all that counting and sorting, your child deserves a yummy treat.

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Fruit Salad Game Rules

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How To Play Fruit Salad Game

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Need help running the game? Check our DOSBox Guide to run DOS games on modern computers. Review:Rating: 3
Fruit Salad is a Bust-A-Move (Puzzle Bobble) clone that replaces colorful orbs with fruit-like balls instead. The result is certainly as colorful as the original arcade / home game that this game copies, although it doesn't really add much to the game. In case you've never played Bust-A-Move, you shoot balls from the bottom of the screen to the top, trying to match the colors to clear them from the playing field. You can bounce the balls off the side walls and need to carefully angle your shots to hit your intended target. Here you are also given a few 'magic fruits' which you can use to help clear all balls of the same color. The main gripe I have about this game is that the controls to aim your shots is pretty twitchy; moving one tap of the arrow keys results in a large angle difference. So it's difficult to aim your shots precisely.

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OS: Windows 7/8/10. Batman arkham origins game.

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Fruit Salad Rules

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