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I really hate the new metro screen which makes it difficult to access the desktop. I don't have a touchscreen and the desktop and old start button made it much easier to access what I needed. Microsoft, if you are going to respond than please actually give me an answer. Don't blow me off because my next computer may have an alternative OS from another company if you don't start listening to what I and other users are saying. You are not invincible.

Disable Metro Windows 8.1

Apr 18, 2013  How do I remove/disable Metro UI What is Microsoft's preferred method/tool to remove Metro UI which serves no useful purpose on a desktop with 24' screen. Starting in the Desktop or Search screen would also be fine as that groups Desktop applications. Disable Windows 8 Metro Start Screen. Now that you have turned off Windows 8 lock screen and removed Windows 8 login screen, we will now focus on how to disable Metro start screen in Windows 8. Go to C: Users user profile App Data Roaming Microsoft Windows Start Menu Programs Startup”. Active oldest votes. Up vote 0 down vote. Try the following. Right-click Taskbar followed by clicking Properties in the context menu. Then click the Navigation tab. Now, under the Corner navigation section, simply uncheck When I point to the upper-right corner, show the charms option and hit Ok. Turn off or Disable Automatic App Updates in Windows 8.1. This is a must as some services like this one depend on the Microsoft Account. Once this condition is met, open Windows Store by clicking on its Tile on your Start Screen. Next open the Charms Bar and click on Settings. Now click on App updates. Here you will see the setting: Automatically update my apps. Even though Windows 8.1 comes with built-in options to disable the top left and top right hot corners, setting the options on the Taskbar Properties Navigation tab disables these features globally, even inside Metro apps. The solution is simple to open and start Microsoft Internet Explorer always on Windows 8.1 or Windows-10 desktop and disable Metro IE App! Start the MS Explorer in the Windows 8.1 desktop mode! The fastest way to do this is via shortcut Windows+R and the command iexplore (. See Image-1 Arrow-1 ), click in MS Internet Explorer the IE Properties, or via ALT+X key-combination (. See Image-1 Arrow-2 and 3 ).

Let me point out something that you perhaps don't realize: Windows 8 has two interfaces; the Modern/Metro Interface (which may be all you've looked at) and the traditional Desktop Interface.


That traditional Desktop Interface is almost identical to Windows 7's interface; the biggest difference is that there is no Start Orb to click to bring up the Start menu. But note that you can get the Start Orb back by using one of several third-party programs, either free or very inexpensive (Classic Shell at http://classicshell.sourceforge.net/ and Start8 at http://www.stardock.com/products/start8/; my personal preference is Start8, but they are both very good).

And going from one interface to the other is very easy; there are several ways, but simply pressing the Windows key is perhaps the easiest.

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I use Windows 8, almost exclusively with the traditional desktop interface, and with Start 8 installed. If you were to look at and use my computer, you would have a hard time realizing that it's not Windows 7.

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