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These Investigation Guidelines are designed to guide those involved in an internal investigation towards a consistent, objective and thorough investigation procedure and to protect the confidentiality and quality of information and documents relating to an investigation. This publication (the Manual) is the third edition of “Searching and Seizing Computers and Obtaining Electronic Evidence in Criminal Investigations” and updates the previous version published in September 2002. During this seven- year period, case law related to electronic evidence has developed significantly.

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The purpose of this handbook is to educate our customer in the Criminal Justice System regarding the services provided by the Oregon State Police Forensic Services Division, and the recommended methods of documenting, collecting, and preserving physical evidence to ensure the best analysis results. The jurisdiction for NCIS to conduct criminal investigations purusant to SECNAVINST 5430.107, which defines the NCIS role in the more common types of criminal offenses. Free open sans font download. Depending on the circumstances, this jurisdiction may be shared with other agencies.


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