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If you're a point guard you should be interested in drills to improve your dribbling as well as overall passing skills. While many basketball drills focus on passing and ball handling, others will help you improve your scoring and jump shooting skills. Point guard drills can also improve your court vision drills and fast break skills.

Basketball point guards are some of the best athletes in all sports. They possess incredible speed, quickness and jumping ability, yet they have the physical strength to battle with bigger. Circle basketball around waist: players standing and circle their ball repeatedly with-out dropping the ball. Circle Basketball around legs: players standing and circle their legs repeatedly without dropping the ball. Throw ball in the air and catch: players are standing facing coach. On coaches cues players will throw the ball in the air.  Players should practice these basketball dribbling drills with both their right and left hand.  Players should keep their head up while dribbling.  Players should keep their non-dribbling hand up to shield the defender.  Players should practice these basketball dribbling drills on their own as much as possible.

Pure Intensity Basketball is dedicated to assisting athletes in maximizing their full basketball potential through the latest skill development methods. Player Development Mini Camps/Clinics. Point Guard Weight Training Workouts for Basketball. A well-designed point guard weight training program is crucial for basketball success. Basketball players in general, and point guards in particular, often neglect strength training workouts for many reasons, such as time constraints, fear of getting too bulky.

Up and Downs

Start by dribbling the ball at waist height, directly in front of your body. After several dribbles, start to bounce the ball higher and higher until it's as high as you can handle it without jumping. From there, start bouncing the ball lower and lower until you're dribbling on your knees with the ball as close to the floor as possible. Perform this drill with both hands.

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Perimeter Shooting Drill

Individual basketball workouts for guards pdf

Hold the basketball at the top of the key. On your coach's whistle, dribble to the left side of the three-point line and then down towards the baseline. Stop about 10 feet from the rim and take a jump shot. Tally 7.2 setup free download for windows 8.1. Retrieve your own rebound and repeat the drill from the other side of the court. Continue the drill until you're fatigued.

Individual Guard Basketball Workouts Pdf

Individual Passing Drill

Point Guard Workout Pdf

Grab a basketball and stand several feet from a concrete or solid wall. Start by bouncing a basic chest pass against the wall and trying to catch it while remaining in the same spot. As you improve, take a step or two away from the wall and continue to perform the pass. Try throwing behind-the-back passes and two-handed bounce passes against the wall to improve your accuracy and consistency.


Dribble Drive Drill

Grab three cones and place one at the top of the key, one at the left corner of the foul line and the final cone 2 feet in front of the rim. On your coach's whistle, dribble from center court as quickly as you can toward the first cone at the top of the key. Perform a crossover dribble from your right to left hand and continue towards the second cone. Execute another crossover, this time from your left hand to your right, dribble to the final cone, perform a jump stop and take a 2-foot jump shot. Retrieve your own rebound and repeat the drill until you're fatigued.