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I am new to configuring apache and I am trying to configure it to use ssl. Here are my configuration files.

Apache 2.2 on Windows Server: won't start after attempting to change drive letter of all data and logs. Ask Question Asked 7 years, 2 months ago. Active 2 years, 7 months ago. Viewed 29k times 7. I manage a web server that's running on Windows Server 2008 as a 64bit virtual host. All service software is running independently, and not as part of. I stop Apache (from Windows services), then I delete both files (he asks for admin privilege, i say yes and the files are deleted from the folder). I hit refresh on folder view just to make sure the files are gone. I have just upgraded our webserver from PHP 5.3.6 to 5.3.10, and I now want to upgrade Apache as well from 2.2.17 to 2.2.22 (on a Windows Server). How do I go about this in a good way (on a live. Apache Server Anywhere was based on Apache 2.2, you can run Apache directly without installation. Wherever you have Windows, you can also start the server in just a few seconds without having to reset all, and of course, your data will also be stored on your USB drive. Therefore it is named Apache Server Anywhere.

  1. The use of.htaccess files are not authorized for use according to the STIG. However, if they are used, there are procedures for reviewing them in the overview document. The Web Policy STIG should be used in addition to the Apache Site and Server STIGs in order to do a comprehensive web server review.
  2. ∟ Downloading Apache HTTP Server 2.2.25 for Windows This section describes how to download Apache (HTTP Server) 2.2.25 binary distribution for Windows systems. In order to serve Perl scripts as Web pages, you need to have a Web server running and integrated with the Perl engine.

httpd.conf file:I uncommented the following lines:

Apache 2.2 download for windows 10 64 bit

this is my httpd-ssl file:

And here is my server.xml file in Tomcat:

With this configuration, I am able to restart apache. But I have no access to my site. I get a unresponsive server error in chrome.

If I take the configuration out of httpd-ssl file and put it in httpd-vhosts and change the port from 443 to port 80. I am able to get to the site. But its not an ssl connection. Any help is really appreciated. I don't have any errors in the error log in apache, or in the windows event viewer.

I have Windows server 2003 R2 running on the server. I also generated my cert and key files using openssl. I don't have any certificate related errors.

Any thoughts or suggestions on what I am missing?



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(I know the answer to this question. Posting this just to share the answer with the community)

Download Apache 2.2 For Windows Server 2012

My local (Windows 7) instance of Apache 2.4 experiences delays or hang-ups when serving some URLs, depending on which browser I use to access these URLs.

With Firefox/Chrome, Apache is slow to respond on certain URLs. The sluggishness occurs about 20% of the time on any given URL. When it does occur, there's a 5-second delay during which Firefox displays a 'Waiting for..' status.

With Internet Explorer 9, Apache simply hangs and stops serving any requests (with any browser) until it is restarted.

  • This seems to occur only with dynamic (PHP) requests, but not all of them. In fact, it only occurs on one specific site. Other PHP-based sites on the same machine work fine.
  • It may or may not be significant that the problematic site consists of a large number of subdomains (VirtualHosts).
  • Disabling the Windows Firewall and Comodo Firewall doesn't help.
  • The problem seems more frequent with 'busier' pages (additional requests for IFRAMES etc.)

I've tried many changes to httpd.conf (such as disabling KeepAlive, EnableMMAP, HostnameLookups) but nothing seems to work.

Eric Fossum

Apache 2.2 23 For Windows

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The solution is to add the following to your httpd.conf:

On Windows, this has the effect of disabling the AcceptEx() API (part of WinSock), which offers some performance improvements, but probably conflicts with Comodo Firewall.

Putting Comodo Firewall in 'Disabled' mode doesn't help because requests probably still go through Comodo's networking code. I think Comodo would have to be uninstalled completely to eliminate the problem (though I haven't tried it).

If you have a similar problem with Apache 2.2, you should use the Win32DisableAcceptEx directive instead.


Quoting from http://httpd.apache.org/docs/2.4/mod/core.html:

The default values on Windows are:

AcceptFilter http data

AcceptFilter https data

Window's mpm_winnt interprets the AcceptFilter to toggle the AcceptEx() API, and does not support http protocol buffering. There are two values which utilize the Windows AcceptEx() API and will recycle network sockets between connections. data waits until data has been transmitted as documented above, and the initial data buffer and network endpoint addresses are all retrieved from the single AcceptEx() invocation. connect will use the AcceptEx() API, also retrieve the network endpoint addresses, but like none the connect option does not wait for the initial data transmission.

Free logic pro studio download. On Windows, none uses accept() rather than AcceptEx() and will not recycle sockets between connections. This is useful for network adapters with broken driver support, as well as some virtual network providers such as vpn drivers, or spam, virus or spyware filters.

See also:http://forums.comodo.com/help-for-comodo-antivirus/conflict-with-apache-t260.0.html;msg31636#msg31636

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I'm running Apache 2.4.16 on a Windows 7 Pro box, and my website just stopped working about 2 weeks ago. Adding this fixed the problem.

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