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Here is easy animation software for beginners to use that comes with great features. The best animation software is very helpful in modern film, education, marketing, cartoon and video game industry. 2D animation software is still popular and mostly used by designers, educators, trainers, and marketers. Vectorian Giotto  is an effective and feature-rich software for creating complex Flash 2D animation. It provides some very useful tools, effects and features for making animation. Some of the tools it provides are: shapes, pencil, text tool, brush, eye dropper, etc. It can also insert image, sound, scene, timeline, etc. In the animation. List of best free download 2D and 3D animation software for Windows 10/8/7, for beginners & professionals. Small companies and freelance individual artists can now produce a professional grade. CrazyTalk Animator (CTA) is the world’s easiest 2D animation software that enables all levels of users to create professional animations with the least amount of effort.With CTA3, anyone can instantly bring an image, logo, or prop to life by applying bouncy Elastic Motion effects, or one of many motion templates available.

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Does anyone have experience with 2D animation programs? I'm looking for something that could enable me to eventually produce some sort of Flashish style animation, akin to what seems to be most of the cartoons on PBS Kids - clearly computer assisted/animated animation that looks hand-drawn. Shows like Wild Kratts, Peg + Cat, etc.
My goal is would be to make some cartoon shorts, five minutes or less. My skillset is writing based, with some graphic art/video production, but at 43 I've given up the ghost of trying to partner with people on creative stuff. Maybe I can do it myself..
Ideally (have no idea if this exists), I'd like something that I could build some models in that essentially 'flatten' to layered 2D.
So.. uh.. Photoshop, except being able to sign animation behaviors for each layer on the canvas.
I realize this is a loaded question potentially full of technical crap I know nothing about, but what the heck.. figured I'd ask.
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2D or two-dimensional software are that dedicated designing and architectural programs that are used by the professional designers, filmmakers, gamers and architects to create high-quality animation work by way of vector and bitmap artwork. These software are less advanced as compared to the 3D animation software that are used for the more developed and advanced level of projects. 2D animation software are entirely different from the simple 2D software as these involves the system of auto lip sync system to the facial puppet. The software listed below are favorable for movie & video creators, educators & students, web & game designers, and artists & illustrators. Production environment, character creation, motion & animation, stage & SFX, and proper input & output system are the main features and functions of most of these software. The basic purpose of all software listed below is same, and that is to deliver the 2D animation artwork system. However, the method of doing so is different in each software. Some are more advanced than others and are totally used for creating a high level of production work. Check out the list of some best and powerful 2D animation software.


1. DigiCel FlipBook

DigiCel FlipBook is one of the best animation programs that have made the animation really easy and straightforward. You can use this animation software for developing your animation projects and can use for teaching the others as well. DigiCel FlipBook makes animation easier to learn because it is easy to use and designed on the principles of best animation systems. At the same time, it is very easy to make the animation as well. The simple and easy to use interface of DigiCel FlipBook makes it easier for the users to learn also makes the animation very simple. The main advantages of using DigiCel FlipBook is only one and that is it does everything you need to make grate animated movies. It is designed for the animators for the animators. You don’t need to remember the complicated steps as DigiCel FlipBook offers the step by step guide to its users while working on the complex projects. You can focus on your animation instead of your software, and you can see your results quicker to help keep those creative juices flowing. From any PC and device, you can use the DigiCel FlipBook. Here you will get all those things that you need to make great animated movies. It will make you able to print your animation to quickly and easily with features that go beyond having to point of click to fill every little sport in the frame.


2. Anime Studio Debut

Anime Studio Debut is a power pack of those features and functions that are designed for both professionals and beginners to make you able to create animation in an easy and exciting way. Anime Studio Debut provides to options for animation making to its users. Either to start with the existing tools or import the digital images and artwork to get started. It deliver the vector based designing tools to the animators to manipulate their inventive work. It’s a first-rate instrument for artistic expression and ultimate for any age crew. Proper on the platform of Anime Studio Debut you received to find your ideas or projects limited through the facets of the program. Anime Studio Debut support for the bone rigging that is regarded as a speedy and effective substitute to tedious frame by frame animation. Add a skeleton to any image by pointing and clicking to create bones that overlay the elements of your photo to manipulate palms or legs. Then convey your image to lifestyles with the aid of relocating any person bone factor to create the pose or motion you wish to have, whilst retaining the task organized with the sequence and time line. Even less complicated to use than earlier than with a more intuitive consumer interface faster entry to vital and mostly used tasks and instruments, Anime Studio Debut is used to manipulate animation timing by means of key frames.


3. Synfig Studio

2d Animation Software For Kids

Synfig Studio is an open source and free two-dimensional software designed for the designers and developers who need an industrial-strength system for creating high-quality animation work by way of bitmap and vector artwork. The best about this software is that it has entirely eliminated the requirement for frame by frame graphing and sketching. That means the users can now easily create the 2D animation of a higher quality by adopting few resources. This software is freely available for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux operating systems. The best about all editions for leading operating systems is that these contains the Cobra rendering engine that means the high possibility of rendering all Synfig Studio layers and new layer FreeTime. These will provide you the easy development of new projects and the availability of transparent integration with Papagayo. Some features and functions of the Synfig Studio are support for multitude of layers of various types, full featured bone system to create cutout animation, spatial resolution independence, most elements are vector based, temporal resolution independence, animation keyframes are automatically interpolated by computer, high dynamic range imaging, floating point math in the image calculation, sound support by way of Sound Layer, pen tablet CrazyTalk Animator friendly tools, the advanced drawing tools, artist-oriented design, path based gradients, etc.


4. CrazyTalk Animator

CrazyTalk Animator is the new way of creating 2D images that is the replacement of the traditional 2D graphics and animation system. It contains innovative tools that will make you able to apply the 3D motions easily to 2D characters. This 2D software is the fine combination of functional and best-drawing features from auto lip sync system to the facial puppet. For its advanced features and functions, CrazyTalk Animator is said to be the best one replacement of the traditional 2D software. The integration of new features and functions in the CrazyTalk Animator have introduced the new level of possibilities for editing the 2D motions and even view them from any angle with a single click. It is combined with the basic features of creative character animation system. This software is favorable for movie & video creators, educators & students, web & game designers, and artists & illustrators. Production environment, character creation, motion & animation, stage & SFX, and proper input & output system are the main features and functions in the CrazyTalk Animator. The other advanced features and functions of the CrazyTalk Animator are the creation of custom multi-dimension characters from scratch, design characters, etc. This 2D software support for the 3D motion as well by way of iMotion format. It will allow you to connect with any 3D motion source.


5. Animata

Animata is a highly advanced open source and real time animation program for the creation of animations and interactive background projections for concerts, games, films and much more. For the same reasons, Animata is said to be the multifunctional animation software that is designed for almost all animation functions. Animata is widely available for the Windows and Mac OS X operating systems. Being an animation software, creating animation of all types is the specialty of this software. The movement of the puppets, the changes of the background and generating everything in real time are the best qualities of Animata. This ability also permits that physical sensors, cameras or other environmental variables can be attached to the animation of characters or other environmental variables can be attached to the animation of characters, creation a cartoon reacting to its environment. It is very simple to create a virtual puppet brand reacting to live audio input or simply set up a scene of drawn characters controlled by the movement of the dancers. Animata is different from the most of the traditional 2D and 3D animation programs for creating characters in Animata is quite simple and takes only a few minutes. On the basis of the still images that server as the skeleton of the puppets. The movement of the bones in Animata is based on a physical model that allows the characters to be easily moved.


6. Toon Boom Animation

Toon Boom Animation is a highly advanced 2D animation software designed to deal with the mega designing and development projects. It is a like a storyboard for the gamers, designers and developers for creating the best level of animation and publishing materials. It is an all in one animation studios for all animation purposes. The best about Toon Boom Animation is that it is the fine combination of high quality content creation capabilities with the best creative expression. Two main products of the Toon Boom Animation are Storyboard Pro and harmony. Both combines the features of animation. Here we will discuss the Harmony of Toon Boom Animation that is an animation software. When it comes to digital production and creation of advanced level of aniamtions, Toon Boom Animation is the name of a global standard by which all 2D animation software is judged. Toon Boom Animation is the most creative, efficient and easiest way to create the animation is a best way. All these are based on the highly advanced industry standard. The sophisticated animation tools that are for designers will make you able to accelerate your art. Sketch, draw, print and animation with ease are the basic features of Toon Boom Animation. You can apply classic principles of animation to your projects with modern tools to speed up the production process. The efficient and creative environment for artists deliver you the ability to create your entire project in one tool.


7. Autodesk Animator

Autodesk Animator is a 2D animation program for both beginners and professionals to create the interesting animation. It is best for all kinds of animation and even stop animation as well. It is one of the oldest 2D animation program designed for creating the all level of projects. This animation has the ability to do frame-by-frame animation including individual picture that is similar to cel animation. Tweening that is said to be must have feature is the part of Autodesk Animator. Tweening is the system that make the animators able to specify the position, orientation and colour of the first and last frames of an animation and the PC fills in all the intermediate positions. In most of the features and functions, Autodesk Animator is similar to the contemporary piece of software called Deluxe Paint. However, at the same time it is very different from the other traditional 2D aniamtions software as it support for the direct keyboard control over animation functions that is a very useful sprite animation mode and a build in a scripting language named PocoScript. All these properties make the Autodesk Animator ideally suited for producing art for platforms with limited capacity such as game consoles, mobile phones, toys, etc.


8. Spine

Spine is a 2D animation program for the game and software development. It is best for the programmers, artists and animators to bring their projects alive. This program is designed for multiple users; however, gamers will remain at the main edge because most of the features and tools listed here are for the assistance of the gamers. It contains only those basic features and functions that are regarded as the must-have for getting the efficient workflow for creating amazing and best animation for the games. Smaller in size, art requirements, smoothness, attachments of images, mixing of animations and procedural animation are the best advantages of the Spine. Some of the great features and functions of the Spine are dope sheet for best animation, free-form deformation for moving the individual mesh vertices, graph editors for Bezier curves, weights to vertices in mesh to attach to different bones, inverse kinematics for defining animating using inverse kinematics, export formats in various formats, skins for allowing switching between sets of attachments, importing data into binary formats, bounding boxes, texture packer to pack images into a texture atlas or sprite sheets, meshes for specifying a polygon inside your image, etc. Designing amazing animations is still a problem in much 2D software. You need to render those animations in your games. The libraries in the Spine will provide you a toolkit to load and render animations in the games.


9. Animation Paper

Animation Paper is a dedicated platform for the 2D development. Being an advanced level of 2D software, Animation Paper is designed for the professional and experienced animators and designers. Simple and easy yet powerful, and effortless to work with. You can work with rough and quickly test ideas then clean it up. It is loaded with a ton of features and functions that will allow you to train, learn and master the art of animation. Features are limited here but still very great for the professional level of projects. Some features part of the Animation Paper are superfast responsiveness interface, quality lines to build high speed graphics, small to large format frames, real time smooth rotation and zooming of the view, controlled work with gestures, onion skinning that is totally customizable, layers system in multiple colors, easily reposition, clean up the smoothed lines, paint for simple coloring with eyedropper and fill, many alternative ways of flipping, customizable tool bar bad and quick selection system, real time full frame reference on second monitor, play scenes in sequence to check continuity, import and export system for both videos and frame-stakcs and much more. Animation Paper is widely available for the Windows, Mac and smartphone devices. For the assistance of the animators, Animation Paper contains various development ideas.


10. Spriter

Spriter is a 2D animation character creation software that can be used for creating the optimized and flexible modular 2D. By using this 2D animation software, you can easily create the bone-based sprite animators for making games. Spriter is basically designed for the gamers. However, still can be used by other animators and designers as well. It provides its users with the modular method of creating a smooth and professional level of animations where the users will be provided with the way of key-frames are constructed from small and reusable images like the body parts. This system of Spriter makes the animators and game developers able to get advantages for several aspects of a game development and for the ready to use products. Some advantages of using the Spriter are save the time by delivering the precise tools, instant creation of game characters, custom tweaking for the modular images and unlimited character variations. If you want to change your game character instantly, Spriter will be best for that because of delivering the instant creation system. Then there is the custom tweaking system that means much easier to make those tweaks that might become necessary during gameplay testing. It makes it very easy for the professional gamers and animators to deal with whatever tweaks the designer needs to make. Spriter support for the unlimited character variations to get the superfast and painless creation of alternate character based on the data from another character.


Pencil 2d Animation Software


11. CelAction 2D

CelAction 2D is the name of a powerful and highly advanced 2D animation program for the perfect creation of 2D animation. CelAction 2D is the known for being the most innovative animation software. Some of the features and functions of the CelAction 2D are simple to use, fast performance, ergonomic controls, handles massively complex projects with unlimited layers, both bitmaps or vectors, definable user workspace, user defined shortcut keys, multiplane camera features, store multiple named views of the scene and much more. It is available for up to 8 version of the Windows operating system. It is available for both 32 and 64-bit versions. It will make you able to select elements in any window and all other windows update automatically. There is a proper context-sensitive help file stored locally, not online. Here you can create a palette from sixteen million colors. The rest of the features and functions of the CelAction 2D are related to workflow & collaboration, import & export in almost all leading formats, vectors based imaging system, use bitmaps, availability of libraries to store and reuse animation/effects/function/colour palette, best animation support system, rigging, dope sheet, rendering of multiple cameras and even support for the 3D. This software is designed for 2D rendering but support for the various 3D functions as well. Availability of effects in all frame by frame, real-time feedback, distortion and much more effects are the part of CelAction 2D.


12. Express Animator

2d Animation Software Free

Express Animator is a 2D animation tool for creating animations, presentations, cartoons, game characters backed by sound and music. Most of the features of Express Animator are much similar to the Adobe Flash MX but with some additional tools like skeletal animation and exporting to HTML5 Canvas and Silverlight. The latest version of Express Animator support for the Actionscript so that you can get the genre of vector based graphics programs in that it stores the coordinates of the shapes vertices. You can fill the shapes created with either bitmaps, colours or gradients. The recent version of Express Animator support for even more complex scripts and an improved renderer and various wizards to speed up tasks like creating charts and buttons. The best part of Express Animator is that it provide the skeletal animation that is considered as a simplest way of linking together the multiple shapes like legs or arms to make the animation like a puppet. It make the users able to create moveable characters. Tweening that is said to be must have feature is the part of Express Animator. Tweening is the system that make the animators able to specify the position, orientation and colour of the first and last frames of an animation and the PC fills in all the intermediate positions. It also features the morphing as well that will make you able to animate smooth transformation between two shapes.


13. PowToon

PowToon is a multiple animation and presentation making software for the professional business persons and designers. It is an easy to use and free animation software that contains animated explainer that will make you able to make animation of all level. The availability of dozens of templates will make your work easier. PowToon is the best way for creating animates videos, images and presentations. Engage, explain and sell with impact using just a short, simple PowToon. It is proven to be more efficient than any other form of video or text communications to grab attention in the workplace. Within few minutes you can get the ready to made templates to create a professional looking in few minutes. These ready to use templates support for the fast and drag and drop system that you can use within minutes. If you want to enjoy the features of PowerPoint and other 2D animation software at one place then use the PowToon to get all facility at a single location. PowToon is available in an online environment that requires no installation at all. In addition to a free version, the two paid version of the PowToon are PowToon Pro and PowToon Business. Per month prices of both are $89 and $197 respectively. PowToon Business delivers the highest level of features and functionalities as compared to the PowToon Pro. Just create an account to start with PowToon.


Good 2d Animation Software


2d Animation Software For Game Development

14. Antics 2-D Animation

Easy Animation Software 2d

Antics 2-D Animation is a vector based 2D program for graphic designers and animators. Antics 2-D Animation is widely available for the Windows operating systems only. It is a uniquely simple to use and versatile tool for producing aniamtions and graphics for all kinds. It support for both simple and full scale cartoon character animation. It is integrated with a lot of features and designing tools that will make the animators, artists and designers top create an advanced level of animated projects. The best part of Antics 2-D Animation is that it requires no technical knowledge at all to get start. Even those who are not familiar with animation at all and interesting in doing so they can also start creating with Antics 2-D Animation as well. Antics 2-D Animation is a cel-based system that is related to the traditional techniques but with unlimited potential for creating animation effects and movements automatically. Some of the features and functions of the Antics 2-D Animation are designed for all type of projects, easy to use requires no technical knowledge at all, output direct to digital video at any chosen resolution, drawing can be composed of any number of separate, versatile drawing tools, contouring tool automatically converts photos images into drawn lines, clean uncluttered screen layout, easy to navigate system, drawing tools for all type of drawings, texture mapping system, versatile colour selection, alter any aspect or detail of a drawing instantly, fully-illustrated tutorial and context sensitive help pages, create compositions and patterns, etc.

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